On Saturday I pulled out the makeover of my life. I had the Queen of Liverpool’s Brazilica festival sat in my seat, Simone Reeves! I don’t know who was more excited… me, her or Big Mare!
After doing her a trial earlier this month it’s the first time I’ve done her makeup for carnival as last year I was already fully booked when she asked me! That will not be happening again though as I’ve since volunteered myself to do the whole samba school next year… and every year after that!
Even though the average makeup at Peaches is dramatic and glittery, Carnival makeup takes it to a whole new level, and Simone let me in on a few carnival ‘tricks’ that I hadn’t tried before! Including the Swarovski crystal lips that involved gluing individual crystals on top of her lipstick using professional skin glue ( be warned she said it stung like hell!) I’d also ordered some real crystals from www.scattercrystals.co.uk which I stuck on her forehead to compliment the design of her amazing headdress ( which she had made herself, aswell as her costume!! Speechless!) . I’ve never used the real deal before and I must say that its really worth it for the sparkle they give- much better than the self stick craft gems we normally use!
After a 2 hour Gemathon she looked absolutely amazing and said I’d made her dream carnival makeup come true! As you can imagine we didn’t let her go without showing us a few moves.
It was such an honor to do Simone’s makeup and be involved in such a fantastic event. I was so proud to see my makeup admired by so many on Saturday night, and showcased by such a talented performer! Me, Dax, Roey and Sarah all went to the carnival and had such a funny night. A real treat for the senses from the music to the dancers we samba’d down Bold Street following the carnival without a care in the world! The procession ended in a grand finale stage show in Williamson square and Simone’s dancing would of shook even Beyonce into a corner… seriously I’m not exaggerating!
If you weren’t lucky enough to see the carnival make sure you keep a look out for when it’s on next year… you don’t wanna miss it!
Enjoy the pics!
Big Peach xxx