When Kate found a picture of Blythes all dressed in different colours in a line, it seemed only right that the Peaches tried it themselves. The idea was that every Peach had a colour and made their own Doll persona out of it! When all grouped together the Peaches made a Rainbow! Here are the descriptions of each doll:

Orange - Kate

Orangina loves to dance. Hello my name is Orangina. I love hanging out with all my friends on Chavasse Park. I love dance but I really wish I could skateboard! Orangina wears a Peach skater hoody with a cute coral dress and matching orange converse. Perfect for busting moves.

Lilac - Polly

Lila is short for 'Delilah'. Lila's name means 'playful and amusing' and true to her name she is a funny, outgoing character with lots of energy! Lila lives in the hills of Italy and works in a florists making flowers for the people of her village. She is always singing and dancing and loves to entertain her friends! Lila wears pretty lilac dresses and wears her hair curly, clipped to the side with a small bow, or often wears her famous flowers in her hair. She is very caring and likes to make people laugh and smile whenever they are sad :)

Green - Tanya

Susie Shamrock is an Irish Blythe. She is fun and friendly and loves to meet new people. She loves to go to festivals with her friends who sometimes struggle to understand her accent
Susie loves all things Disney and pets. Combining both interests she has a frenchie named Minnie, aptly named after Minnie Mouse.
She works as a seamstress making clothes for Blythes of all shapes and sizes

Black - Cath

Pricilla, also known as Cilla by her close aquaintances, loves to dress in black tailored garments. Pricilla is distinctive in appearance with her sleek cropped bob, oversized shades, black suede heels and vintage beaded dress. Pricilla is an art collector and has a taste for the finer things in life. Although her business occupies most of her time, she is loyal, generous and committed to the handful of friends she has time for in her life.

White - Liz

My name is Silky, I live in the magic faraway tree in the enchanted forest.
My friends are saucepan man, moon face, dame washalot, fanny, Bessie and Jo.
I like to play at the top of my magic faraway tree where I can visit different magic lands.
Recently we have been to the land of Take what you want, and the glorious land of birthdays,
I love to bake my favourite pop biscuits and google buns for my friends when we have tea parties! When you climb up my magic faraway tree it can involve dodging the dirty water that Dame Washalot pours down the trunk at regular intervals, and avoiding peeping in at the angry pixie who throws things out at people who poke and pry!
I hope you like my tree, it's my favourite place to be! Xxx

Baby Pink - Rosie

Amy Loveheart lives under a pretty pink rosebush at the bottom of the garden in a house made entirely of lovehearts. Amy Loveheart loves candy floss, pink panthers, cupcakes and only drinks strawberry milkshake. She loves nature and animals and spends her time working in an animal rescue looking after flamingos and piglets. She is obsessed with Amy Winehouse and loves listening to her music and backcombing her beehive. Xx

Yellow – Little Katie

Little Sunshine lives at the top of the sun! She is so small and little nobody can see her as the sun is so bright , she is very shy and loves to pick sun flowers and little sunshine loves to host tea parties with her famous homemade lemon cake and to wash it down she makes a pot of lemon tea . Her Boyfriend the dark knight always brings her flowers but only sunflowers and her favourite yellow roses! Little Sunshines job is to make daisy chains for all the other dolls , she also makes a mean banana split!

Navy - Becky

Hello my name is Bluebelle, I have magic powers! My special glitter dust turns everything blue! I live on a blue mushroom in a blue forest and sing all day long. I love wearing blue dresses and my favourite blue spiked shoes!

Baby Blue - Nic

My name is Bubblegum, Welcome to my fabulous world of everything magical and glittery. I travel the world in my big blue bubble and I have magic powers. With one pop of a bubble, I can take myself anywhere in the world so come with me partying sipping blue lagoon on my bubblegum beach or even partying in the most amazing UV night clubs in the world. xx

Cerise pink - Kharyce

Penelope Pinkwater is a Notorious IT girl who loves to party and be seen in all the best places in town. Everyone loves to party with Penelope xx

Red – Steph

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lil red and she was from the hood and she was obsessed with Peaches and Cream. Her Nanny Blower was sick one day so she packed a basket full of fruit and set out to go visit her. Her mum had warned Lil red don’t go wandering through the hood alone and don't stop off go straight to Nanny Blowers. Lil red did not do as she was told, she wandered thru the hood then stopped off at Peaches and Cream to buy some bits. On her way she was approached by a big bad wolf he tried to talk to Lil red but she quickly remembered what her mum had told her 'Soz’ she said in her ghetto scouse accent ‘Cant stop, going to visit me Nanny Blower' and off she went. The big bad wolf quickly got to her Nans and hid in Nanny Blowers leccy cupboard and put on her housecoat and glasses. Lil red arrived at her nans, knocked on the door and the big bad wolf answered dressed as nanny blower. ‘Come in child’ he said, Lil red said ‘Nan what big ears you have’ ‘All the better to hear you with my dear’ ‘What a big nose you have tho nan’ she said in the ghetto scouse accent ‘All the better to smell you with my dear’ ‘And hang on nan what big teeth you have aswell!?’
The big bad wolf roared towards Lil red so she quickly pulled out her Mac vanilla pigment and through it all over the big bad wolf! He quickly melted to the floor. Thank god she wandered through the hood and into Peaches and Cream. That is the story of Lil red from the hood. Nanny blower was not harmed in the making of this rainbow blog xx

Peaches model turned photographer, Big Thanks to Little Bec for taking the pictures!!

The rainbow blog came just in time for us to hit 10,000 followers on our Facebook, which we were all so made up with! We would just like to thank everyone who follows Peaches, we love you all and hope to keep inspiring/entertaining/peachifying you!