On the Saturday just gone , Nicola and I had a wedding in this amazing venue! It was one of the most gorgeous places we have ever been to just over an hour away from Liverpool. Natasha was our bride and she was so lovely! She had been engaged for seven years, after meeting her childhood sweetheart they knew they wanted to marry eachother after just 3 weeks. Martin her husband and Natasha have been through alot the past couple of years and they are such a strong in-love couple! As Natasha had been waiting for this for so long she certainly made sure every little detail of her wedding was the best and absolutely perfect! From the mountain of flowers she had on her tables to the little pix and mix sweeties for all her guests to enjoy! Natasha got married in a private school near the venue, as me and Nicola pulled into the private venue we were gob smacked! It was the most amazing place I had ever seen! The grounds of the school was beautiful and the chruch was unreal! Natashas dress was one of a kind with so much detail it was beautiful and all her bridesmaids dress's were fabulous too. Natasha also had two ice sculptures of two little cute monkeys as that is her and Martins nicknames for eachother! We had a lovely day at the wedding and we would like to say a big congratulations to Natasta And Martin and thank you for a lovely day! Here is a some photos that I took from the day :) xxxx

Love The Peaches xxx