If your not already aware we have our own personal dressmaker two doors down from Peaches, Tanya Maxwell! Tanya moved in around a year ago and has since been called on to dress us for every special occasion, from the Christmas night out to Chester races !

Recently I was looking through some of her photos and I came accross some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses she had made earlier this year. It got me thinking how amazing it would be to have tailor made dresses made for your bridesmaids. Brides often tell me how difficult it is to find a dress in their chosen colour,that suits everyone... and that everyone likes!

As a bridesmaid you may dread that the chosen dress may not do for you what it does for the others (Speaking from experience ha ha)! You also want to feel as nice if not nicer than all of the other guests attending. Tailor made bridesmaid dresses can rule out all of these problems. You also get to play fashion designer and see your ideas made real, which would give your wedding a more personal touch!

I've chosen some of her photo's that I think would make fabulous bridesmaid dresses aswell as finding out alittle more from Tanya below...

1. How far before a wedding do you need to allow if you'd like tailor made bridesmaids dresses?

Most of our bridemaids are booked in at least at year in advance, especially in the ase of four or more. This allows us enough time to source the correct fabrics and to prep the dress up until the final fitting 6 weeks before the wedding day and pick up of the dresses, three weeks beofre the wedding day.

2. What advice can you give brides when choosing/designing your bridesmaid dresses?

When choosing a style you must take into consideration the figure of all your bridemaids and go for a style that will suit them all. As every woman varies in shape and size it is not uncommon for a bride to keep a colour them but have varied styles ie. one shoulder, strapless, off the shoulder. I always advise to go for something classic as opposed to something on trend as it will most likely be outdated by the time your actual wedding day comes round.

3. What are the starting prices for custom made bridesmaid dresses, and what deposit is required?

Made to measure bridesmaid dresses start at £170 which would vary depending on fabric and style. 50% of total balance is paid on consultation where all bridesmaids would be measured. Then there is usually two fittings in between then and the pick up day. 25% of the remaining balance gets paid on the first fitting and the final 25% gets paid at the pick up.

4.How many fittings would each bridesmaid require?

Normally two fittings in between the inital measuring and picking up of the dresses. The final fitting is normally 2-3 weeks before the wedding to allow for any last minute weight fluxuation.

5.Finally, what trends/colours do you predict will be big for bridesmaids for summer 2013?

 Last year Black was on trend and this year it was dark purple. I'm predicting coral for next year but I would always advise not to follow the colour trend and to go with the colour you've imagined your bridemaids wearing since you were 12 .

If you'd like to get intouch with Tanya to find out more or arrange a consultation please call 0151 236 7754.


Kate x