From having their baby bumps painted all the mummys have now given birth to all their beautiful babies! We thought it would be a good idea to get them in with their babys for a Peaches special Yummy Mummy makeover as a little treat and a pamper! Today I've had in Carla Price who has been a Peaches friend for many years! She came in about 2 months ago to get her bump painted, it was known as 'Baby Price' as she didn't want to find out the sex of the baby! After being convinced she was having a boy, it was a surprise when she gave birth to the most gorgeous little girl called Tilly Rose! Tilly is a very very tiny tot! She is so cute and petite and weighs only 6 pounds! She was born 3 weeks early and Carla had us laughing today telling us all about her labour! I gave her a yummy mummy makeover with a nice natural makeup and a curly hairstyle. She looked absolutely fabulous and we hope she visits again soon :)
The Peaches xxxx