Peaches and Scream began at 8am on Saturday Morning! The Peaches descended on the salon an hour before opening time to start spookifying themselves! The Line up consisted of -

Little Katie and our resident Halloween Peach, Harry, dressed as zombie Danny Zuko and Sandradee

Liz as Black Swan

Rosie as 'Oogie Boogie' from the Nightmare Before Christmas

BigMare as 'The Mare of Halloween Town' from the Nightmare Before Christmas, equipped with Megaphone (like she needs to be any louder!!)

Steph as a spooky Nicki Minaj

Kharyce as a gothic Zombie

Bec as a Skeleton

Tanya as 'Stitched up', a half good half bad girl even down to the shoes!

Kate came as 'dead scouse'. A scouse girl zombie with a bloodied sayers and primark bag! She wore primark pyjamas and sleep in rollers zombified! Always one to be Kates mini-me, Rose gave herself a dead scouse makeover too!

Later on in the day we had a visit from Sloth of the Goonies (Dax - Kates Boyfriend) who even had a stash of Baby Ruth bars!

The clients ranged from skeletons, jigsaw from Saw, Clowns, Dolls, Zombies, HalfnHalfs and many more.

As tradition we all headed to Eureka our favourite Greek after work! All in all the day was a success, hope you like looking through the pics! We are busy cleaning the shop of facepaint and coloured hairspray all ready for tomorrows Halloween Bonanza!

Happy Halloween Eve! xxx