When Kate had told Tanya she was giving her the makeover of her life, I don't think either of them  knew what was going to be instore! One night whilst on one of her famous googling extravaganzas Kate came across a prosthetic  bulldog nose and knew in an instant this was it!

Tanya has a french bulldog called Minnie, you may have seen her in some of our previous pics and blogs! She is literally like Tanyas child and even the shop 'Thirteen and Minnie Bee' is named after her! She is such a funny character and even has her own collection of Marebands which definately makes the other bulldogs jealous!

As a dress maker Tanya provided the peplum black top with white chest to match Minnies and made some fabric bulldog ears. Kate set to work this morning spray painting her hair black and painting the prosthetic nose to attach to her face. She then painted the rest of Tanyas face, adding painted white eyelashes! The black contacts were the finishing touch to the french bulldog makeover!

Surely one of the best makeovers yet!?

3 days till #peachesandscream !