So yesterday saw the final episode of Peaches & Scream come and go for another year! After the success of Saturday we had little prepared in the way of a staff makeover, however after one of my legendary late night google sessions my cauldron of inspiration was overflowing with weird and wonderful ideas.

I absolutely love Meadham Kirchoff. They are a fashion duo from London and each collection they bring out has me wetting myself with excitement. Abit like me , you could say they take a 'more is more' approach to their work. Their current collection which is available in Harvey Nichols,  has a monster/alien vibe to it... frills, fur and plenty of glitter...everything a girl could want. At £4500 the fake fur monster coat has my name written all over it! Alittle out of my price range the next best thing would be to wear it on my face.... so thats what I did! Armed with my mood boards the other 'Peaches' did their best to humour me. Even Nicola Jayne, queen of the mobile upload tried her best... although you may of noticed a lack of mobile uploads from her yesterday, ha ha I wonder why?!

Still confused?! Dont worry just enjoy the pics and the glitter! I'm just made up with my tweet from Harvey Nic's who loved it!

Big Peach x