Afew weeks ago I stumbled accross a photo of The Pink Poodle trainers Jeremy Scott has designed for Adidas! It was around the same time Rihanna was papped wearing a Hood by Air HBA Pink Poodle Sweater. And so an idea starting brewing......

And when an idea starts brewing I'm out the door and straight next door ( but one) to see Tanya @ THIRtEEN! How handy it is to have such a talented neighbour.... with the brief of ' Jeremy Scott' she whipped  up the perfect tribute peplum top for todays blog!

I've spent the last week covering plastic bones in glitter which created the most gorgeous necklace which I'd actually wear and may consider wearing for the Christmas night out!

And so Two Pink Afro Wigs, a pair of black contact lens, a prosthetic dog nose, and alot of pink face paint later we gave birth to the craziest Pink Poodle ever!

Thanks to Rosie for taking some amazing pictures as always!

Wonder what I have instore for you next.....Big Peach xxxx