Big Mare has spent the last couple of months hinting for a kitten for christmas. Obviously it didn't take much hinting for me and Rosie to get hunting... and I didnt have to hunt far. When I saw the  pictures of 'Billy' the ragdoll kitten I knew he was the kitten for mum!

As you all know Big Mare doesn't miss a trick. How we managed to keep it a secret for 3 weeks I'll never know. But with the odds against us we succeeded. On Sunday afternoon me and mum were chatting in the conservatory while she was sewing some Marebows. The next thing Dad, Jack, Cath and our Rosie walked in, Dad announcing 'Happy Christmas' , Rosie holding little Billy complete with a mini santa hat! Mare lept up screaming 'OMG! Is it a frog?' ( ha ha she loves it if ever we find a frog in the garden) So Rowie had to lift up the hat..... Screaming, Tears, am sure you can all imagine Mare took it in her stride. ha ha

For all the times I nearly  caved in and told her it was so worth the wait. Since Sunday he has brought the whole house to a stand still we are all in love with little 'Billy Blue'.

Big Peach xxxx