At the moment Tanya is in the process of making me the most amazing dress for the Peaches Christmas party. A real labour of love ( she probably feels like strangling me) I can't wait to get it on and blog the life out of it!
To impatient to wait I wanted to show you all the accessories I've made to go with it! Firstly I've pimped an old pair of Prada wedges I can't bare to part with but never wear. They've been given a Strictly Ballroom meets Studio 54 makeover. The secret ingredient beginning a product I discovered online called Mod Plodge. Think of it as a glitter fixing gel for shoes... You mix it with glitter to form a paste that dries to glossy finish. You may need to do Afew layers so whatever your covering is completely covered in glitter. I'm looking forward to giving some pumps the mod plodge treatment so watch this space!! To add the finishing touches I've added fringing, sequins, gold spikes and a wooly pompon, maybe not to everyone's tastes but definitely very me! Im sure they will showcase my disco dancing at its best!
In keeping with the disco theme I've also made my very own Meadham Kirchoff sequin chandelier earrings! Made from mixed penny sequins threaded onto thin gold wire the most gorgeous ruffle sound when you walk! I've ordered some gold and silver leaf sequins to make a tamer version for the other Peaches who wouldn't be seen dead in half of my weird ideas!
Can't wait to see it all together with my dress, last on the list is to decide what kinda tights I want?!
Love & sequins
Big Peach xxx