A couple of months ago I barged into Tanya's sewing room with the inspiration for my Christmas party frock! No prizes for guessing that is was a piece from the Meadham Kirchhoff aw12 collection. I would like to say that this will be the end of me obsessing about them but having seen their ss13 it won't be!

I don't know what was more of a challenge to Tanya... the dress or me and my constant demands! Not that I'm a control freak or anythin..... Anyway after weeks of whats apping me pics of every single stitch ( I requested) my technicolour dream dress is complete! One word...MASTERPIECE! Teamed with Henry Holland tights, gold glittery sneakers, a bat necklace, homemade sequin earrings and not to mention the ultimate hairdo courtesy of Mr James Begley!

I cannot thank the talented Miss Maxwell enough, she truly went above and beyond her call of duty as a friend!

Big Peach xxx

Bonjour all. To be completly honest when Kate asked me to make her Christmas dress I knew it wasn't going to be the standard peplum or tutu dress. She showed me the image and I fell in love with it. A week or two passed and it was time to get started. It was only then that I examined the images properly and realised how much work there was in it. All the details and from a pattern cutting perspective it was quite a challenge. I divided the dress into sections and drew up patterns for each section in order to work out how much fabric we needed and so the search began. Kate sourced lots of samples from here there and everywhere until she found the most amazing neons that matched the Meadham Kirchhoff original. With the help of Kate's dad we had a road trip to see the fabrics in the flesh. Getting back to Liverpool Kate arranged the colours as and where she'd like them, mainly based on the layout of the original and the cutting began.

Once I started actually sewing I found it hard to stop as the dress began to come together more and more. Mine and Kates whats app went into over drive as pictures of every stage where sent over and back into the early hours most nights. I actually said to Kate it was a good job we didn't live in the same house otherwise I doubt we would have stopped talking and working on it all. After a few successful fittings and Kate pulling the whole look together with her handmade accessories, tight and shoes we were done. I finished it on sunday night around 10.30pm and just sat and admired it for a good 15mins.  I was actually quite sad it was finished but seeing Kate wearing it on the Christmas night out on Monday was just the best feeling. She looked absolutely beautiful. I loved the challenge and look forward to what Kate has instore for me next. She's already been forwarding me images of S/S Meadham Kirchhoff so I expect there'll be a link there somewhere.

Tanya XxXx