Alot of you will know that since August I've spent the best part of time off work unwell..... for someone who hasn't stopped working for the best part of 8 years it's been very hard. Alot of you may not of even noticed this.... but thats because Peaches despite what some may think is not me, or me and Nic... its a family of 12 very talented, dedicated Peaches who have kept the 'Peaches' show on the road while I've been off.

3 weeks ago I had an operation and was determined to recover enough to wear my masterpiece dress Tanya's made me (that obviously has its own blog) and attend the Peaches Christmas Party... as I said the show has gone on but a party with Big Peach well that just wasn't gonna happen. This year we opted to go to Oddfellows in Chester after the succcess of our trip there in May for Chester races. The party started around 10pm on Sunday via our Whats app group Peaches Probs... we spent 24 hours prior to the event updating each other on tans, dresses ( Nic couldn't get out of hers after a dress rehersal) hair appointments, makeup etc

We all had a fabulous time at Oddfellows and even though I couldn't have a drink to celebrate it didn't matter. To be able to look around the room and see all my nearest and dearest,  who's helped me through a tough time in my life I feel very lucky. A usual frosty Baby Peach made a lovely teary speech thanking all the girls for their hard work and wishing me that I hurry up and get better soon.

The night ended in 2 rather funny situations. While Nic and Co spent an hour and a half queueing for Cruise to get knockbacked anyway.... back in Liverpool me, rowie and Big Mare where locked out! How in the hell my dad aka Pdid slept through 45 minutes of bell ringing, window slamming, mare screaming obsceneties through the letterbox.... who we had to restrain from throwing a cobblestone through the window!

All in all another memorable Peaches gathering!

Lots of Love,

Big Peach x