In the summer one of my old friends Angelique moved back to Liverpool from LA  were shes lived for the last 4 years. I was really excited not just for her to be back but to finally have her amazing facials close to hand. While in LA Ang worked and trained at the famous Ona day spa. Whenever she comes home and hits Peaches me and the girls love finding out about all of her celeb clients including Khloe Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Paula Abdull, Jennifer Love Hewitt the list goes on. I love hearing all about Oscars week and how Ang works around the clock till the early hours cleansing, tanning and waxing the stars.

Since coming home to Liverpool Ang has become resident skin care specialist at Nu Cosmetic clinic on Rodney Street. Last week I went in for a much overdue pamper and absolutely loved it. I was treated to Ang's signature 'Oscar Worthy Facial'.  Having quite good skin anyway I was alittle anxious to experiment with something new, but Ang explained everything as we went along and I definately experienced a Hollywood glow afterwards.

I was most interested to find out the potential of the facials Angelique specialises in. A real skin care geek she is very passionate about helping people with problamatic skin. She said that with perseverance and dedication she could change someones skin to function as normal within 6 months. She told me about a teenage boy who she treated for extreme acne. After 6 months his skin was clear and he had restored confidence in himself. I could really relate to this having lost alot of weight this year myself. Having worked so hard putting all of my energy into Peaches I had neglected myself to the point that I longer felt confident in myself. Determined to loose weight it has been somewhat easy to sort the problem out myself. It must be so hard when you have problematic skin as to a certain degree you must feel its out of your control. If you are reading this and this sounds familiar please give Angelique a call on 0800 030 2930 to arrange a free consultation , and she will be able to help you and your skin!

Peachy Love & Kisses, Big Peach xxx