Being the oldest Peach makes me the most technology challenged. I grew up in the era of no internet and mobile phones. After much persuasion from the younger Peaches I gave in and joined the iphone brigade just before christmas and have since become obsessed with the instagram app. At first I thought it was just a way to pimp your photos but I've slowly discovered that once you get the hang of your hashtags its a genius way of sharing your work with makeup artists from around the globe, aswell as learning about new products that other top makeup artists are using.

Having had afew weeks off work to recover from my operation I've had plenty of time to do my instagram homework. Whats great is that most of the makeup artists who post their pictures include a full list of  products they've used underneath. When we first started Peaches we spent and wasted lots of money trying out lots of different products and lots of different brands... we eventually found what products worked best for us and have stuck to them since . As they say... if its not broken, don't fix it!

But... and its a big but, this year will mark a decade in makeup since I started my training back in Hugh Baird College and so I think I'm getting what some would call a '10 year itch' to try something new and work out what products really are the best for the job.

So over the next few weeks you will notice a touch of Mixed Gems  about our blog... some of you may be  familiar with Brummie Peach Rose Gallagher's beauty blog, you may even like to read her reviews as I do in that hilarious voice of hers! And so I will be reviewing all the products that have caught my eye on instagram and sharing the results with you all.

The first product that caught my eye and was quickly added to cart, was Too Faced Glitter Glue. I bought mine online from for £16.50. It comes in a squeezy tube with a tiny nozzle so I reakon using ever last bit wont be a problem and you don't have to worry about waste as its easy to squirt out a tiny bit at a time.

Last week, Tanya kindly volunteered to be my guinea pig for a well deserved makeover after allowing me to turn her into a French Bulldog last October.

- For the eyes I decided on Mac Teal Pigment to compliment her green eyes and bring out her inner Irish Fox.

- I then blended a Peaches Palma Violet purple pigment accross the crease to contrast.

- T also blended a small amount of Mac Golden Olive pigment over the inside corners to soften the darkness of the Teal.

- I  then smudged Mac Carbon Eyeshadow ( Black) into the outer part of the crease to deepen the purple and half way accross undeneath the eye.

- I  finished with a sweep of Mac Vanilla pigment accross the brow to soften the top edge of the purple crease. If you have quiet a small brow bone like Tanya you will need smaller blending blushes for the crease.

- I then applied a thin layer of  glitter glue to the lid using a lip brush to get a precise shape. Its very different to using gel but it is very smooth and does not disturb the eyeshadow undeneath. I then lightly pressed my glitter over the top to seal it ( Mac Pro Teal Glitter). Using a liner brush I also added a touch to the liner underneath towards the inside corner. This Glitter Glue creates an intense coverage of glitter so there is no need for any touch ups.

- Finally  I dabbed a touch of Mac Reflects Teal around the tear duct to brighten it up.

By the time I'd wiped away my fallout eyeshadow from under the eye and applied my base not one speck of glitter had dropped down.... I have never found this before with fixing gel as usually you have to dust off a tiny bit of glitter that has fallen down onto the cheeks at the end of a makeover. I think its because this product is slightly thicker and stickier and so prevents any crumbling. I was that impressed with the results that I proceeded to buy one for each and every Peach.

Just one experiment in and I've already found a new favourite product. It proves the theory that you should never stop learning and trying new things!

Tanya loved her new look so much that her and her friends have all booked in to get Peached later this month.

So if you have a spare £16.50 hanging around and your tempted by this don't hestitate . It really is a great investment and will save you alot of time cleaning loose glitter off your cheeks!

Tommorrow I will writing up the results from Day 2 of The Glitter Glue trials when I used Eye Kandy liquid sugar to give our Rosie some serious smokes!

Stay posted,

Big Peach x