This week the mareband factory has been in full swing! We've sourced loads of gorgeous quirky fabrics from around the globe, and couldn't wait to get sewing once they arrived! We even roped granny Mon in on one on her weekly visits, it's to her we both owe our creative sewing skills! We have a wide range of weird and wonderful prints to choose from, sugar skulls, kittens, love hearts, junkfood...Although I predict picking your fave may prove impossible and your likely to walk away with at least 2 Marebows in your possession!
We hope the colourful prints and funky patterns cheer you up and are a much needed reminded that spring and summer are just around the corner!
The Mareband/Marebow (as they were christened by brummie Rose) are lovingly hand sewn by me and my mum Big Mare! We sell them in the salon and from our online shop for £15.00! Mareband owners will agree that they are responsible for salvaging many a bad hair day, aswell as endless compliments from admirers!! If you see one you like and are not sure how to order call the shop on 0151 2271669 and ask for Rosie our online shop manager, she can arrange for it to be sent out to you.
Keep checking the online shop as we will be adding new styles daily!
Lots of love,
Kate & Mare xxx