As you may of read yesterday I'm in the process of having a makeup 'mid life crisis'! So I'm on a quest to try and test as many new makeup products as possible in a bid to discovery some new faves.

My first mission is to find the best glitter glue product for creating Peaches famous glitter smokes. Yesterday I reviewed Too Faced Glitter Glue and was so impressed with the result that I'm predicting it will be hard to beat. Second up to try was Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar bought online from for £20. I received the product the next day along with one of their glitters I ordered called Candy Coin. Grabbing Rosie as my guinea pig I decided to have a practice before putting it to trial. Using the brush provided you apply the product onto the lid as you would a liquid liner ( its like water). Then using the wet brush you pick up the glitter and apply it on top. There's definitely a knack to getting the right liquid/glitter ratio but once you have it your rewarded with stunning glitter liner that doesn't budge.  I must also say that although much finer than our Peaches glitters the Eye Kandy glitter is just as sparkly and probably works better with the liquid glue as being lighter it is less likely to crumble or drop down. I also had a quick try on Cath and Little Katie both complained ( obviously Katie more than Cath) that it stung a little at first. I think this may have been were I had applied too much on the inside corner . I also applied Rosie's on top of a set of lashes which probably acted like a good barrier to the liquid or any fumes.

The next day I set about using the Liquid Sugar to create some dramatic glitter smokes on Rosie.

- I used Urban Decay primer potion over the lid.

- I then applied Mac Black Gel liner onto the lid blending it up into the crease.

- I then applied Lime Crime Medusa Pigment over the top of the gel liner. This technique creates a more intense coverage of the pigment.

- Using a fluffy brush I blended a touch of Mac Carbon Eyeshadow to the outer crease.

- Then no smoke would be complete without a sweep of Mac Vanilla pigment accross the brow.

- I filled the brows in using Mac carbon mixed with a little water. To create the glitter brow look I used duo glue with Peaches Cheryl glitter fading into Peaches Toni glitter patted on top as instructed by Queen of Blending aka Lauren from her you tube videos .

- For the under eye liner I've used Barry M waterproof kohl pencil sealed with Carbon shadow on the outer corner and Sugarpill Royal Sugar loose eyeshadow on the inside corner. Again by applying the liner underneath the pigment you get a more intense colour.

- I then layered Lime Crime Scorpio Glitter fading into Lime Crime Ophiuchus glitter on top of the lid using the liquid sugar. The coverage wasn't as good as the Too Faced and I did need to retouch a few gaps , this may be because I was using a heavier glitter. The less intense coverage did work with the look though as a little eyeshadow showing through kept the eyes looking dark and smokey. I  used the Too Faced glitter glue to apply glitter over the top of the under liner as I didn't want to risk the eye watering.

All in all I still really like this product. You get a very large bottle and only need a little per use so I guess it will last me ages. Its better suited to creating precise fine lines of glitter rather than covering large areas. I think this would be good product to use on a more mature client who doesn't want a full glitter lid but would love a sparkly liner!

We all loved Rosie's new look as she very rarely wears that much eye makeup... it even caught the attention of Miss Amy Childs who tweeted saying she loved it!

I still have a few more glues to try but so far if I had to choose then it would be the Too Faced.

Read about how Stargazer Glitter Fixing Gel stood up to the test in my next blog.

Big Peach x