If  you've read the two previous blogs you'll know that I'm in the process of trialing different glitter glues to work out what product really is best for glitter smokes that don't budge. So far my favourite is Too Faced Glitter glue available from www.beautybay.com.

Up untill now we've all been using stargazer fixing gel as we also stock the product in mini tubes for £1.50 in store. Even though I already know what I think of the product I thought I may aswell trial it for comparison.

Rather than do a plain glitter smoke I thought I'd mix it up alittle and combine it with afew other things I've wanted to try. Vegas_nay is an american makeup artist I've been following on Instagram. I love the Swarovski smokes she does and have been dying to have a go at them.

I was lucky enough to grab the gorgeous Cath as a model. She has lovely smooth eyelids perfect for trying this look.

- First I put Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid

- I then blended Mac Pro  Neon Pink Pigment fading into Mac Pro Neon Orange Pigment above the natural eye crease.

- Then used Mac White Eyeshadow blended accross the bow bone to soften the top edge of the colour.

- To 'cut the crease' I used a green eyeliner pencil and traced a perfect line right above the natural eye crease. This is the technique behind alot of the eye makeups Queen of Blending is famous for.

- Using Peaches Gobstopper pigment I then blended over this line adding a touch of Mac Carbon at the outer corner to deepen.

- Dabbing a dot of Peaches Marshmellow pigment ontop of the tear duct I then filled in the lid with a pale blue Illamasqua eyeshadow called Anya. Finishing with a thick black liquid liner.

- Underneath I've used the Mac Neon Pigments and the Peaches Gobstopper to create a multi coloured liner.

- Then for the crystals which I ordered from www.scattercrystals.co.uk. For this look I would recommend size 8 or 9 crystals, with an AB coating for extra sparkle. You will also need to make 2 tools to help you. Get 2 cotton buds and remove the cotton end from each. Then put a small ball of blue tac on the end of the bud rolling the top of it into a small point. You can then use one bud for dotting on the Duo glue (use white glue) and the other one for picking up your crystals and placing them ontop of the glue. You will see what I mean when you look through the photo gallery.

- Once the gems were on I then used my Stargazer fixing gel to add some glitter to the inside corner of the lid. So I didnt drop any glitter on the crystals I actually mixed the glitter ( Too Faced Blue Angel) with the gel on the back of my hand then applied with a small brush. I would normally apply the gel first then pat the glitter ontop but this technique actually worked very well. As the gel is clear it doesn't tarnish the surface of the glitter when they are mixed together. I also think this helped stick the glitter to the lid and stopped it from dropping. All in all I think this is a great product and fantastically priced ( £1.50 for a small tube) especially for girl who wouldn't want to wear glitter all the time but just want to try it occasionally. On the flip side the tubes are tiny so if your a makeup artist and using alot it may be better to buy the Too Faced. Another tip is to remove the inner white rim from your tube so that you can access the product more freely. Occasionally we find that this gel can cause your glitter to crumble and crease requiring extra touch ups at the end of your makeup, although this maybe due to the size of the glitter particles when using a chunky glitter.

- To finish the look I've used another new discovery Inglot AMC lipgloss in shade 542. Its £12 but worth every penny... words can't describe how amazing the colour is... the finish is actually not dissimilar to a Swarovski AB crystal. It smells of strawberry, isn't sticky... just everything you want in a gloss!

Overall another successful experiment with loads of new favourite products/techniques to adopt. The look  received mixed feedback on facebook and instagram and I do admit there's alot going on, but who cares I got a retweet from Lauren aka Queen of Blending to say she liked it! In my eyes the ultimate seal of approval!

Next week is going to be extremely busy ...

-I have a box of Illamsqua goodies to try out,

-I still need to test my final glitter glue from Lit Cosmetics ( I'm still waiting for it to arrive)

- I then need to start my quest to find the best eye shadow primer

- I will also be comparing Mac Carbon Eyeshadow to Urban Decay Blackout, reportedly the blackest black there is.

Hope you are all enjoying the reviews and that you find them helpful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Big Peach x