Over the last few weeks Little Katie has been very jealous of all the new products I've been playing with. So yesterday when the final glitter glue to be tested arrived I decided to let her in on the action.

The final glitter glue to be tested is called Liquid Glitter base by Lit Cosmetics. Its available to buy online from their website www.litcosmetics.com for $22.95 ( you get a large bottle that would last ages). They also sell a range of glitters in 4 different sizes from chunky to ultra fine. With so many to choose from I couldn't help but buy loads to try aswell.

We decided to go with a peachy colour glitter called Island Girl for the trial. Katie used matt brown shadow to cut the crease, white accross the brown bone, Mac pink bronze pigment on the lid and Peaches Wine Gum pigment mixed with Illamasqua sealer to define the cut crease. She then applied the liquid glitter base using the brush provided and pressed the glitter ontop using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

"OMG!!! I Love it!" Her words not mine, but I could instantly tell we'd found our winner. It smells lovely, goes on really smooth, feels cool on your skin, is not too runny but not to thick and sticks the glitter perfectly with no fall out. It's no wonder they are the official supplier of Cirque du Soleil.

I can't wait to try this for myself now, it looks like my days of flicking bits of glitter off foundation are well and truly over.

I hope you've enjoyed following my little experiment.

Big Peach xxx