Makeup is like fashion.... there are lots of do's and don'ts depending on your eye shape, face shape and skin type. Often you find out what suits you through trial and error.

Today I thought I would demonstrate a look for deep set eyes. My sister Rosie has the most beautiful eyes, however they are deep set and the lids slightly hooded so often classic Peaches smokes & Glitter Smokes don't really sit right on her once she opens her eyes. I'm sure this may make familiar reading for some of you.

This is how I created a soft smokey look that opens her eyes...

- Apply Foundation and Blot Powder to the lid. This prevents the shadow from creasing.

- I then applied a very small amount of Illamasqua matt cream eyeshadow to the brow bone. Mac Vanilla Shimmer or white can make the brow bone look too strong emphasizing deep set eyes.

- I then added a dab of Urban Decay Booty Call to the inside corner of the eye. This brightens up the deepest part of the eye making them pop.

- I haven't put any shadow on the part of the lid on top of the eyeball. This keeps the eyes looking fresh and open.

- I've then blending Urban Decay Naked & Busted into the outer corner blending upwards into the cream on the brow bone. The key with deep set eyes is blend the smoke really well high up above the crease so that it can be seen once the eyes open. A harsh application of winged shadow will exaggerate a hooded eyelid.

- I then lined the upper lid using Urban Decay Blackout shadow- eyeshadow liner softens deep set eyes rather than using a liquid liner.

- I've lined the lower lashes  using Urban Decay Busted shadow. I've only taken the liner half way under the eye, this helps to open out the eye making it look bigger, brighter and fresher.

- I've finished the look with a set of individual lashes, using a longer size on the outer corner which opens the eye out.

Ro loved her looked so much that I'm sure she won't mind me telling you that she slept in the eye makeup and is still wearing it today! If you have deep set eyes here is a few tips to brighten them up...


- Use matt colours

- apply a small highlight to the tear duct to brighten

- Blend your shadow really well to soften a naturally deep socket. Apply less than normal to the outer corner as deep set eyes already have their own natural shadow.


- Use liquid liner, a powder line is much more flattering

- Use shimmer on the brow bone

- Line right under the eye.  Take your line half way under from the outer corner.

I hope you've found this helpful. Polly is on holiday this week so I want have much time to play and blog as I'm covering her column!

Big Peach xx