Yesterday was my turn to sample some of the new goodies our good friend Rose from Illamasqua  has sent us! I watched Kate sitting on the station next to me doing her makeup marathon using really bright and theatrical colours throughout the day, so in contrast to this we thought it would be good to showcase Illamasquas new products but from a more 'girl next door' approach.  Illamasqua is well know for  its 'alter ego' style make up , inspiring customers to be daring with their makeup and create almost a new character for themselves, however we wanted to show  that Illamasqua also has a softer side.  My chosen model for this look was the beautiful Catherine - I knew this look would be perfect for her as she has the perfect 'girl next door' persona. I began prepping Caths's eyes with the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion rather than using a foundation. Rather than using our ever faithful Mac Vanilla pigment to highlight her brow bone and inside corner I used Illamasqua's powdered shadow called 'Servant' (£15.50), this created a different style to what I am familiar with - but I actually preferred it! Although Vanilla pigment is brilliant for creating that perfect shimmer to your brow bone Servant left me with a more soft, matte yet creamy finish. I loved how smooth the product went on and how easy it was to blend - it can be as prominent or as subtle as you like. This is a definite new favourite of mine.

I really liked the colours of the Blusher Duo No.3 Palette (£26.00)  especially the 'Bronzella' Shade.... but rather than using it for blusher alone I wanted to incorporate it into my eye makeup. I used a touch of the Bronzella on a blending brush to contour Cath's eyes , I was aware that I didn't want to go too dramatic with this look so I used a small about of the product but built on it so it was still noticable. The Bronzella is very highly pigmented and so I only needed a few strokes with my brush to get the amount I needed. Blusher - when chosen with care can be really effective in an eye makeup! I added a more smokey effect by using a jet black Powdered Shadow called 'Obsidian' (£15.50). I used a pencil brush to draw the contour in the crease and using a blending brush softened the edge of this until the black blended perfectly into the Bronzella. The colour I used across the lid was one of Illamasquas Pure Pigments ...I've been wanting to try this product for ages! The colour of the pigment is named 'Ore' (£15.50). The description on the Illamasqua website claims that this product was 'made to be played with ' - so true! I used a small amount of the sealing gel across Cath's lid and patted some of the pigment lightly to test how strong it was. I loved this pigment as it has a metallic finish, and is sparkly but not too overpowering. Perfect for someone who loves a more subtle  glamorous look. To complete the eyes I finished with Illamasqua Cake Liner  'Misled', mascara and a set of Peaches number 04 lashes!

For her base I used Lancome Colour Ideal foundation in shade 03, with MAC blot powder to set the foundation. To contour the base I used Illamasqua Bronze Duo pallet in colours 'Glint and Burnish' (£26.00) The bronzers are both quite pearlised so give a more shimmery effect - perfect for summer for getting that sunkissed look.  I used the lighter shade 'Glint' first then went a bit deeper with the 'Burnish' too add more definition. Rather than using the blusher pallet from early I felt that I wanted a more matte yet bright finish so chose to use the Blusher Duo pallet in colours 'Lover' and 'Hussy' . The 'lover' blusher is an apricot shade - so I was wary that it could go on too bright if I wasn't careful. I really liked the colour and how fresh it made Cath's base look. Even using a subtle amount made such a difference. I used the 'Glint' pearlised bronzer as a highlighter.

For her lips I used some MAC Spice Liner to add definition and then Illamasquas 'Sonnet' lipstick (£16.00), this lipstick was perfect for the look. The colour is a peachy nude but still has staying power and intensity. It has a creamy and smooth texture and a touch of clear gloss over the top really finished the look off!

So there we go... I would go for more 'gorgeous girl next door' as my description of this makeover. A new experience for me using Illamasqua products but a great one!

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