This weekend I had a visit from former Peach Rose Gallagher who is now head of the social media department at Illamasqua headquarters down in London. It was lovely to catch up with her, with the added bonus of belated christmas presents thrown in to the mix! I was wowed with my box of treats from her, so much so that I've broken my usual routine of a makeup free Monday to experiment with them.

Eyes- I used Furore pigment on the lid with, Ore pigment as an under liner, both by Illamasqua. I've then used the Illamasqua neutral eyeshadow palette to add a touch of smoke and a black liner to the upper lid. The Illamasqua pigments are gorgeous, I even used the Furore ( a nude shimmer) as a cheekbone highlighter.

Brows- One of my favourite items Rose got me is a cream eye pencil in shade 2H1. I've drawn underneath my brows and blended to highlight my brow bone. I much prefer this technique to vanilla pigment which can be abit too shimmery for a daytime look. (I also used it to draw around my lip liner- once blended it also acts like a subtle highlighter acsentuating the lip shape.) I then filled my brows in using a damp angled brush and the Illamaqua Eyebrow Cake in Thunder.

Lashes- Rose also threw in a magnetic lash mascara by a company called Santhilea. I've never heard of it before but Rosie and I were really impressed by the results. You apply the mascara, then apply a coat of the magnetic  fibres which stick to your lashes creating thicker, longer lashes with a feathery texture that add to the smokey look of the eyes. I've just re-read the box and it describes them as natural black velvet fibres- which really explains the fluffy textured finish.

Face- I've used a small drop of the Illumine Oil rubbed over my face before applying my L'oreal True Match foundation in beige. As L'oreal own Lancome I would recommend this as a cheaper alternative to Peaches fave Color Ideal. The Illumine Oil is amazing- I can't wait for summer to rub it all over my chest and legs. You really only need a drop though or your in danger of looking greasy. It dries leaving the skin with a luminous glow and velvety touch.

Cheeks & Lips- I've finished the look using Illamasqua cream pigment in Androgen. Rose knows me so well... this pretty peachy pink is right up my street! A gorgeous colour that you can apply with your fingers. It also dries fairly matt unlike alot of other cream blushers.

I'm not gonna promise to keep this up... as Monday's are officially a Peach's day of rest. However I have enjoyed it enough that I will definately give it another go next week. If your following us on Instagram (Peachesmakeup) why not join in and hash tag your makeup today to #mondaymakeover.

If any of the products have tickled your fancy they are all available to buy from We are also lucky to have our own Illamasqua store in the Met Quarter.

This week I will be reviewing some new pigments by Sugarpill as well as putting Eye shadow primers to the test, so keep checking the blog for all my latest findings.

Big Peach xxx