Today Love is in the air at Peaches! So far bouquets have arrived at the salon for 2 lucky peaches and Nic's been for a blow dry in prep for her blind date tonight- as you can imagine she's a tad excited!!

Although I didn't have a particular look in mind I thought I best put together a Valentines Makeover to celebrate the occasion. Choosing a model wasn't hard... no one quite wears a pink wig like Kre Kre and she also has bigger lips than the rest of the peaches put together!

For Kharyce's 'Pink to make the boys wink" look , I used Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Birthday girl ($9.00) and one of there eyeshadows called Dollypop ($9.00), both available online from She's also wearing a set of their 'Daydreamer" strip eyelashes ( $6.00). Sugarpill is already very reasonably priced but they have a further 20% off online today.

For the glitter brows I filled them in first using a pink lip pencil then applied Peaches Rosie Glitter using the liquid glitter base from Lit Cosmetics to stick it in place. For the heart lips I used Barry M lippys to fill them in, then covered the heart in the Rosie Glitter to match the brows and the rest of the lips with a lit glitter called Hunny Bunny.

All in all Kre Kre looks hot to trot... such a shame her date is outta town! Ha Ha

Single or Settled I hope you all have a lovely night... me ? Like half the country I will be dining in for £20 M & S style!

Love & Lipgloss,

Big Peach xxx