As your probably all aware I'm in the process of revamping my makeup kit. New makeup calls for new makeup brushes! So I typed Best Makeup Brushes into google and found lots of  reviews and images pointing me in the direction of Real Techniques.

I ordered the starter set of 5 eye brushes for $18.00, another set of 4 face brushes called the core collection $18.00, a single blush brush $9.00 and the expert face brush $9.00. They are all available to buy from or from Boots.

I must admit to being an impulse shopper so I did little research before buying them . When I received them I was pleasantly surprised that they have been designed by makeup artist Samantha Chapman , one of the famous Pixiwoo sisters.

The first thing to say is that the brushes look and feel the part. The bristles are made from Talkon (synthetic fibres) so they are ultra soft and promise pixel perfect makeup. The handle is very modern and made from metal and plastic, I am predicting this will be much harder wearing than my wooden handled brushes that are prone to chipping when they get wet during washing. I also like the way the handles are colour coded to help identify their purpose. Gold for base, blue for eyes and Pink for powder- very handy if your prone to getting your brushes mixed up when your rushing.

To review the brushes I decided to do two completely different looks on too very different Peaches. I used our porcelain Peach Catherine to showcase a more neutral look, and our Sassy Peach Kharyce for something more outrageous. I hope the looks demonstrate the versatility of the brushes.

The eye brushes are great. In particular my favourite thing about them is that the talkon bristles wash and dry instantly so you wouldn't actually need duplicates for other colours or when swapping clients. A definite plus in comparison to other brushes with natural hairs which take at least an hour to dry or need blow drying. The deluxe crease and base shadow brushes are great for blending however you may find the deluxe crease a bit chunky if your eyes are on the small side. The accent brush makes up for this though, its perfect for precision application. I used it to line the eye and to add depth to the crease. The only brush I struggled to adapt to was the pixel point eyeliner brush - in my opinion you need a must thinner brush ( I usually use a paint brush from the art shop) to get a perfect line especially on the inside corner of the eye . Overall I think the set is great for home use , to take away on holiday or to add to your existing kit . Its also reasonably priced relative to the professional quality of the brushes. The length of the handles is also perfect... long enough to hold comfortably but short enough to fit in the average makeup bag ( if you don't want to use the cases provided).

The face and blush brushes are even better. They really do what they promise.... pixel perfect as you can see in all the photos. You all need to go and invest in the expert face brush. It feels amazing and your foundation will look and feel the best it ever has. You also only need a very small amount of foundation to get the perfect base. The pointed foundation brush ( that comes as part of the core collection) is another favourite of mine, the perfect size and shape for filling in around the eyes and brows. The detailer brush that is also part of the core collection is very multi purpose. You could use it for concealor or as a lip brush but again due to its precise shape you could use it for cutting the crease or blending on a smaller eye.

The photos tell you everything you need to know about the blush brush... the application is seamless even with the bright shade I've used on Kharyce.

I asked Kharyce what she thought of the brushes as she's also a makeup artist in the salon. The first thing she asked was if they were expensive, because they felt it. She also commented that her face felt very fresh and light compared to when she uses a flat foundation brush.

The girls both enjoyed their Real Techniques makeovers and loved their personalised looks!

I hope you've found the review helpful ... I'm sorry there are so many photos , I was just spoilt for choice and wanted you to be able to see the brushes in action.

Tommorrow I will be creating a special look for Valentines Day, although I haven't quiet decided what yet!!!???

Big Peach xxx