As part of my makeup mid life crisis I've been looking into which eyeshadow primer is the best. Traditionally at Peaches we've always prepped the eyes using foundation sealed with Mac Blot powder. This method has always worked well for us. The eyeshadow goes on strong, lasts long and doesn't crease. However as I'm in the mood for trying new things I've invested in 3 eye shadow primers to try.

So Today I've done  a Makeup Marathon to put them through their paces. You can see all the looks I will be talking about in the gallery above. Although please note that there are 2 Look 3's ( long story), a pink one and a green one that Little Kate did on me yesterday.

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion £14.50

I've been using this for a few weeks now and love it that much that I've purchased a pro size tube. You apply a thin layer to the lid using your fingertips. It goes on like a balm and dries matt but slightly tacky so grips the eyeshadow perfectly. Its great for looks that require a severe cut crease and also good when using bright colours. I've used it for Looks 2, 3 (Pink) and 5.

2. Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance £17.00

Katie used this yesterday for Look 3 (green). She really loves using this product  for her Saturday makeovers however agrees with me that the Urban Decay is slightly better as you get less fall out eyeshadow onto the cheeks when blending. This is because with UD the shadow sicks to the primer better.

3. Nyx White Eyeshadow Base £7

Queen of Blending uses this a lot in her you tube tutorials. By applying a white base under the eyeshadow it makes bright eyeshadow even brighter. I used this for Look 1. It was my first time using the product so I need a few more goes I will be better at judging it. The eyeshadows went on nice and bright but  the primer is slightly pearlised so this changed the appearance of the matt eyeshadows I used... I'm not sure I liked this. I'm going to look into whether they do a plain white because that would be much better.

Overall I would definitely suggest you invest in an Urban Decay Primer Potion for your makeup kit, since I did I haven't looked back. I enjoy applying eyeshadow so much more. I could of played all day today but the makeup marathon was cut short by my watery eyes!! So Frustrating! I'm sure your all loving the looks I created and are desperate to know what colours I've used....

Look 1: Sugarpill Eyeshadows Dollipop, Acid Berry and Velocity with a hint of Peaches Palma Violet Pigment.

Look 2: Mac Neo Pink Pro Pigment, Sugarpill Darling & Starling pigments, Peaches Gobstopper Pigment.

Look 3 ( Pink): Sugarpill pigments Birthday Girl & Tiara, Mac Star Violet Eyeshadow, Peaches Boost Pigment.

Look 3 ( Green): Sugarpill pigments Tipsy & Darling, Mac Metal blu Eyeshadow.

Look 5: Sugarpill Royal Sugar pigment, Peaches Palma Violet pigment, Urban Decay Blackout eyeshadow.

Tomorrow I have a special treat in store for you all... Tanya has made me a cute new pinafore for work so I be creating a colourful makeover to wear while I show it off!

Till then...

Big Peach xxx