After the success of Calvin's half and half drag makeover last week I couldn't wait to get him in for a full face! With so many people commenting that he looked like Beyonce we thought it only right we do a full on tribute to Sasha Fierce herself! So I sent Calvin an imagine of Beyonce contorted in the most amazing pose, lying down holding the heel of her mega heels... and he bit the bait just as I thought he would!

To help get the look just right I called on the help of my old art buddy from school Claudia... who you all know as Claudia Pink. Claudia owns the most amazing shop/Aladdins cave on Bold Street selling her own handmade jewels aswell as treasures from all over the globe! She very kindly supplied us with some essential Sasha Fierce style bling!

So after 3 hours of hair and makeup and a few careful tucks... me and the Peaches were treated to an afternoon with our very own Beyonce, slighty spoiled/enhanced by Big Mare singing 'All the Single Ladies' every 2 seconds!

Hope you all enjoy the pic's as much as we enjoyed creating them for you all.

And a massive Thank you to Calvin... the star of the show!

Big Peach xxx