Today I got to do what I love best .... a total transformation!

A few months ago I stumbled accross some dramatic half and half drag queen photos. After further research I found out they belonged to an exhibition by New York photographer Leland Bobbe. The images are simply amazing... they are so good that they caused people to question whether they were in fact photoshopped!!

Last week the perfect opportunity arose for me to do a Leland Bobbe tribute makeover in the form of drop dead gorgeous, local lad Calvin Fox who just so happens to dabble in drag and also look like Beyonce!! So you can just imagine me looking at Calvin's instagram pics rubbing my hands together thinking Christmas had come early ha ha...

So today was the big day to give Calvin the 5 star peaches treatment! Like a kid in a sweet shop I tweezed, blended, blended some more, and some more, contoured, sculptured, painted and preened the poor boy within an inch of his life... with Nicky J providing the finishing touches with her trusty straighteners and an instant weave!

The pics speak for themselves.... I just can't wait for our next date to put the other half on!

Till next time...

Big Peach xxx

Also worth a note Calvin is wearing some exclusive Peaches eyeshadow pigments that we will be launching later this spring!