We get a lot of requests from ladies wanting to see pictures of makeup on older clients for a change. You'd  definately be wrong for thinking that Peaches is for teenagers as we do lots of Mums, Aunties and even Nan's wanting to embrace their inner Peach.

Today I roped Big Mare in for 5 minutes of fame on the Peaches blog. As you can imagine that didn't take much persuasion. I hate to talk rules when it comes to makeup... or in fact anything. That said there are afew general guildlines to consider when applying makeup to a Lady!


- Use an eyeshadow primer such as Urban Decay primer potion to prevent eyeshadow creasing and highlighting fine lines.

- Use a matt cream shadow on the brow bone... this lifts the brow and opens the eye

- Dab a touch of light shimmery eyeshadow on the tear duct to help the eyes pop.

- Fill in thin brows ( created by the 70's trend for shaving them off!!!) using a soft brown eyeshadow such as charcoal brown by Mac - pencil is too harsh!

-Use a skin primer such a Mac strobe cream. It makes the skin look more radiant, evens out skin tone and softens the appearance of fine lines.

- Apply a thin layer of foundation ( Lancome Color Ideal is peaches choice) using your hands. Rub it in so it doesn't sit in any lines or wrinkles. Leave the area under the eye then apply a small dot of YSL touche eclat to this area and blend well. This will brighten dark circles and reflect light away from fine lines.

- Make sure you powder around the eye area after you've applied foundation to avoid foundation travelling into any fine lines. I would recommend Mac Blot powder.

- Use a bronzer under the cheekbones to give your face more structure.

- Use a peach blusher I recommend Fleur power by Mac. This is fresh, bright, suits everyone and looks alot more sophisticated than pink.

- Line your lips with a nude pencil such as Spice by Mac. This stops lipstick bleeding and can add definition to smaller lips.

- Match your cheeks and lips and apply gloss over your lippy to add shine and brighteness. You need to avoid shimmer on your eyes and cheeks so make up for it with your lips.

- Wear natural false lashes. Mare is wearing Peaches style No.6. Lashes help hide were your eye crease may have dropped over time.



- Don't cover the whole lid with shadow this will weigh the lid down and accentuate wrinkles. Just use a nude shadow like urban decay naked in the crease then build up some darker colours smudged into the corner. Blend them upwards to help lift droopy eyes. If you have white hair like Mare grey often looks more trendy than brown, I've used Knight Divine by Mac.

- Use a liquid liner- again its too harsh and you want to soften the appearance of the eyes. Use a dark shadow such as Mac Brun or Knight Divine and take it half way under the eye aswell. Avoid black shadow as it can make the eyes look smaller.

- Powder your whole face - alot of women tell me they find that powder makes their face look dry and older and that they prefer a more dewy appearance.

Its never too late to change your makeup habits and embrace your inner Peach. If you'd like a makeup lesson to help you along we have a special offer throughout March. An hour long personalized lesson costs £25 ( RRP £40). With the help of your very own peach you will be taught how to peach yourself! Call the shop on 0151 227 1669 to book.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Big Peach xxx