Finally it's arrived... the most anticipated date in the Peaches calender: ' The Races Weekend @ Aintree'. We start 'Peaching' at  6.30am each day over the next 3 days in order to have all our clients looking gorgeous and on their way to Aintree by noon. Ladies Day ( tomorrow) is the main day to attend for most girls in the city, although in recent years we have seen more of a trend for people opting to attend the main race day on the Saturday. So much so that this year the Saturday tickets actually sold out... hence me having to go on ebay and pay through the nose for tickets for my boyfriend and his son!

Anyway, I'm really intrigued to see what fashions are on show at tomorrow's event! Ladies Day is world renowned for it's outrageous dress code... and girl's who dare to bare!  Big Mare ( my mum who goes every single year since the year dot) predicts that despite the freezing weather the fashion show must go on!

If you are off to the races this weekend here's my top beauty tips to ensure you look Peachy Perfect all day!

- The Prep.... If you are daring to bare then you may need to opt for a spray tan. Make this a priority! Under no circumstances leave it to the last minute and apply an instant tan- if it doesn't rain the chances are still high that after a few drinks you could be the victim of some spillage. Nothing spoils an outfit more than a set of streaky calves.

- Nails.... If your toes are on show make sure that they either match your hands or compliment your outfit. When choosing colours stick with the theme of your outfit. If your outfit is ' Lady' like keep it classy with nude or a signature Chanel Rouge Noir. If your outfit is  summery then opt for coral's or pink's. If your going for a real girlie look then it could be cute to accessorize your nails with some cute nail bows applied to your ring fingers. We actually sell these in Peaches for just 10p each and  have lots of colours to choose from. Or you could even opt for one of our nail moustache charms... definitely not classy but definitely a lot of fun and guaranteed to cause a lot of banter esp. if you are on the hunt for a man!

- Makeup.... The first thing to bear in mind is that your makeup needs to last all day and stand up to the weather ( rain, wind or shine). You also need to remember that its a daytime event so to keep it slightly more natural than you would for a club. I predict that this weekend the girls will be ditching the glitter smokes for more natural smokes using Peaches pigments Galaxy, Flump and Cola Bottle blended with a touch of dark brown or black in the outer corners. I also wouldn't recommend a lot of under eye liner, maybe just take it half way across or it could work its way down your face as you laugh your way through the day! To open your eyes go for a really soft set of natural strip eyelashes such as styles 43 or 747-M available at Peaches. Also remember that although a brighter lippy like a pink or red can add glamour to your daytime look they are also high maintenance and will require regular touch ups to stay looking good. Therefore if you want to just forget about your makeup once your there it may be best to opt for a pinky nude gloss that you can re-apply on the go without needing a mirror! Finally, always remember to set your foundation using a pressed powder this will ensure that your makeup looks as good at 6pm as it did at 8am!

- Hair.... The style you opt for will often depend on if your wearing a hat or a fascinator. Having been to the races myself I think that wearing your hair up is always the best option. It doesn't have to be neat and structured if your wanting something more effortless. Even Coleen Rooney often sports a simple ponytail for the races. This look would be very easy to achieve on your own especially with the help of a Peaches synthetic ponytail available instore for 16.50. My preference for an updo is that once it's up its up and it will stay looking as good right through the whole day! Hair Accessories also often work best when incorporated into an updo. We sell a lots of different dressy hair bands, crystals bows and flowery marebands for girls who want something more modern than a feathery fascinator or hat. The only exception to this is if you were to invest in a Wonder Weave also available at Peaches for 38.99. We stock a wide variety of shades and are happy to match you up instore. The wonder weave is fool proof to apply and as the hair is synthetic ( you would never tell though) it is wind and rain proof and won't drop at all!

So if you've only just decided to go to the races pop into Peaches for all your last minute buys. If you didn't manage to get a ticket you could also try Chester Races in May like me and the Peaches did last year. The weathers warmer and the atmosphere is great, you also can't beat a pre races champagne breakfast at the amazing Oddfellows. We just can't get enough of the place!

We're really looking forward to 'Peaching' some of you bright and early tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great time at the races.

The Peaches xxx