Hi girls,

Its bank holiday weekend coming up and Summer is certainly on its way therefore we have lots of new goodies available in store for you all! As we are closed on Sundays and we maybe full on the dates you want your hair and makeup doing  -   not to worry as you can Peach yourself with our Wonder Weaves, new lashes , pigments and glitters :) all from the comfort of your own home!  We have also recently done a few new hair and makeup tutorials so you can do Peachy styles at home :) , The weaves we sell are  instore and online and  Nicky J has put a few hair tutorials on YouTube to show you how to put it in yourself and get that amazing big hair you want ! We also have many accessories available in store and online for your hair such as the hairbands which are in the photos,  they are £5! We have all different types of headbands , including the famous Summer Marebows which are £10! The other hair acccessories we have are the Kim Kardasian head pieces, the other hair bows for the ponytails are £5 each- they come in many different colour and they are £25! Other products we sell to get your peachy look are our Peaches Pigments and glitters- we have a sale on certain colours of our pigments at the moment 5 for £10, the glitters are £4 each or you can buy them in sets of 3 for £10 . We are have alot of nail products in store available too for perfect summer nails . Ranging from 10p - £10 we have nail art pens , nail accessories and lots of different colours in the £1 polishs . I hope this little product guide has helped you be able to peach yourself from home the makeup tutorials for the hair weaves , ponytails and the pigments are on the links below :) xxx