Peaches Addicts will be relieved to hear the good news that our own brand Eyelashes are finally back in stock! But thats only part of the good news. Not only do we have your  favourite styles 9 ,27 & 29 , we have also added 3 fab new styles that we know your all gonna love!

Eyelash shopping can be really hard. It's difficult to know what a style will look like just by looking at them in a box. So this week Big Kate and Little Katie have photographed the styles and put together a guide to help you choose a style best for you.

Style No.9

Peaches all time Best Seller. 9's add length and volume to your lashes yet still have a very natural texture. They are also slightly longer on the outer corners which compliments all eye shapes and eye makeup styles. The root of the lashes is curved to fit the eyelid perfectly making them really easy to apply. 9's can be worn day or night , they are great for any occasion!

Style No.10

10's are Peaches most natural style. Perfect for eyelash virgins who are scared of looking like daisy the cow! They are also great for daytime use, weddings and other special occasions. They are a similar shape to 9's but much shorter to suit smaller eye shapes. I love 10's because they finish off an eye makeup without hiding the eyeshadow behind them.

Style N0.29

29's are Peaches 'Dolly' style lash. They add lots of length but the gaps in the style allow your eye shadow to show through creating a very pretty 'doll' style look. 29's are great when you fancy a change from 9's but don't want anything too heavy. They are the perfect summer style Eyelash.

Style No.27

27's are the perfect party lash for girls who love a full glam look! They add length, volume and drama providing the perfect finishing touch to dramatic smokey eyes or glitter smokes! Peaches joint Top Seller with 9's.

Style No.39

39's are very similar to 27's. We are all predicting they will be another hot fave. Little Katie has already hailed them as her personal favourite! Like 27's they are full and long yet the tips are more natural and feathered creating a softer look. If you love 27's these are definitely worth a try.

Style No.49

49's are a great dramatic lash for smaller eye shapes. They are add plenty of thickness, volume and shape to your eyes but are fairly short in comparison to 27's and 39's. Nicky J has got them marked as her Vegas lashes for later this summer!

All of our lashes cost £3.90 and are available to buy in store and online. Please note that they don't come with adhesive which is what helps us to keep the costs low. We would recommend that you use Duo Lash Adhesive for lashes that wont budge until you want to take them off. We do sell this for £12  ( a tube normally lasts for 80 applications) as well as smaller tubes of adhesive for 70p.

We have also put together a great wholesale bundle deal for makeup artists, beauty salons & lash addicts. The bundle contains 10 sets of 9's and 10 sets of 27's for £40. Working out at £2 a set this would be a great purchase for any girlie holidays you have planned this summer!

Two  great selling points of Peaches lashes is that they are super light and very comfy to wear, and  they can be cleaned and re-used time and time again. I have been known to wear a set of No.9's everyday for two weeks to put this theory to the test!

Hope you've found this helpful!

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.

The Peaches xxx