This week we've launched Peaches & Cream college kits which include a makeup box and a full set of Peaches & Cream makeup brushes.

The 12 piece brush set includes a large powder brush, bronzer brush, blush brush, foundation brush, a concealor/lip brush, a angled brow brush , 5 different shaped eye shadow brushes for blending and contouring and a chunky eyeliner brush that I must admit takes abit of experience to master so you may prefer to use it for other detailed work and either use the angled brush or get a skinny paint brush from whsmith to use for liner instead. This is a great starter set for anyone starting makeup or beauty at college this month. The full set retails at £45 in store and online.

To compliment the brushes we are now also stocking makeup boxes. The boxes can be seen on the pictures in the gallery. The best thing about them is their soft exterior.... so much better than a hard case which i know from experience can be very uncomfy to carry around. We have 4 different options... Hot Pink Quilted Patent, Black Quilted Patent, Hot Pink Matt Fabric, Black Pink Matt Fabric. The boxes can be used by Makeup artists, Beauty therapists, Nail techs and maybe even some hairdressers... although I think they would probably be too small for hair dressing equipment and large spray bottles ( as pictured by Katie... ha ha I dont think she thought about having to close the box). For precise measurements check our website. The boxes only cost £26.50 in store however they do cost £40.95 online which includes the postage.

If you would like to purchase the Brush Set and Box combo we offer them for £63 in store as a pair.

Online this costs £73 excluding postage.


Good Luck to everyone starting college this month... It was the best thing I ever did!

Big Peach xx