Hii everyone :) Bec here letting you know that BRAID-MANIA has hit Peaches! With lots more AMAZING colours, in braids, fish-plaits and rope twists! Today I have made a little list of all the colours of the braids that match or are the closest match to our Peaches pony's and Beauty works weaves.


613 Pure blonde - shade 88

613/21 swedish blonde- shade 613/103

18/24 harvest blonde- shade 6/24

614/25/21 honey blonde- shade 613/27

613/24 golden blonde- shade 88/103

4 midnight brown- shade 4

1 Black- shade 1

1B off black- shade 4

2 espresso black- shade 4

8 caramel-shade 9

33.30 chestnut brown- shade 4

6 chocolate brown- shade 6

12/8/13 honey brown- shade 10

99J royal plum- shade 6A


613- shade 88 or shade 613. shade 613 is a brighter blonde and 88 has duller tones running through it but both match lovely with this hair colour.

613/24- shade 88 or 613/103. 88 is a duller blonde to 613/103 but has more lowlights running through it. Both look fine with this hair colour.

613/16- shade 613/27 or shade 88/103. these shades are very similar but 613/27 is a more golden tone.

613/27- shade 613/103

18/22- shade 88/103

1- shade 1

1b- shade 4 or shade 1. depending on the root colour of your hair shade 4 is a very dark brown and shade 1 is black but there is not much between them.

2- shade 4

4- shade 10 or shade 6/10. 10 is a more chestnut colour and 6.10 is a more chocolate colour.

6- shade 6

4/6- shade 9

At the moment we don't have any braids to match beauty works 99J, 530 and 4/27.

We have lots more choices of colour in store but they are just the shades to match with the ponies and weaves! The prices for our braids are, normal braid £5, Rope twist £8 and fish plait £10. If you would like to be matched up to your perfect colour then pop in to peaches Tuesday to Saturday and we will help you find it. I will put the link in my blog for our website to take you straight to all the braids, and I will also include some pictures of hair ups that we have used the braids in. xx