December was literally a peachathon! Makeover after makeover, endless trips taking deliveries to the post office , the phone ringing off the hook and an endless stream of christmas shoppers through the doors! We all love the hustle and bustle but now its January and shop life is back to normal its great to spend some quality time with the peaches doing some extra training.

Today we tackled the 'cut crease' technique. You might not of heard this expression before but its the name given to eye makeup with a heavily defined socket contrasting against a lighter colour on the lid.... it's kinda hard to describe how/why its different to a normal 'half smoke' but if you look at the pics you'll see exactly what I mean.

I used a concoction of a few new 'coming soon' Peaches pigments that we will be launching this spring... a stunning silver sparkle on the lid with copper and maroon in the socket.... both of which created a fierce combo when paired with Kre Kre's fiercy copper curls. Once the socket had been defined using pigment I then applied a thin line of black eyeshadow along the socket using an angled brow brush. Finally using a thin paint brush I painted a thin black liquid liner along the socket to create a harsh divide between the socket and the lid  aka cutting the crease! Once wiped and tided up the look was finished off with a set of Peaches No.2 Eyelashes (available online).


This look takes practice and confidence but it isn't as difficult as it looks . The best thing to do is throw your self into it and give it a go!

Good Luck!

Big Peach x