Heyyyy girls,

Quick step by step for you all explaining how to get today's hair and makeup look and all the details on what products I have used !!!

Today I was sent a new hair product that I had to sample straight away the idea of this piece is to give a big Beyoncé beachie style curl this can create a massive wanded pony or as I've demonstrated how to double the pony up making it look like a massive wanded weave !!! As you all know I loveeeeee big hair !
As I've said I've actually got two ponies in my hair to see the product click here >>>  they are available to buy online these are only available to buy in 1 shade of blonde at the moment !(golden blonde dip dye that blends into a bleach blonde )! But if anyone one is interested feel free to tweet @peachesmakup or me personally @lilpeachynic with your requests or questions :) ! Brown and black shades are on the way !
To get this look I slept with my hair in a messy bun to get my hair looking shaggy and to help give the style volume an width, naturally my hair is pin straight so it wouldn't have been able to blend or look as effective with out doing this prior!
I wanded my hair in small sections and pin curled as shown in pic above.
I applied two of the ponies either side of my hair too add maximum volume ( this can be done with any of the pony styles we sell instore and online

apply the pony piece as a down style it's can be tricky so I can't stress enough that I wouldn't encourage you to DIY this style yourself if you aren't confident with styling your own hair The hair pieces are non-refundable !

As this is a pony piece there is a different way to apply than a normal weave so you would need to backcomb a small section of the hair (however high up you would like the piece to sit ) clip the small grip over the backcomb and pin right the way around the piece untill this feels secure !

Once the ponies are in place I then teased each of the pin curls , back combing and layering them over the top of the synthetic piece ! ( this is the part that makes it look more natural and important to change the shape of the curl to match the false piece !
I would only recommend someone who is experienced in hairdressing to try this themselves but if you have this colour hair and want this look feel free to call up the salon 01512271669 to book in for one of the peaches to recreate this look on you!
To get this done it would cost £35 plus £33 for 2 of the ponies!
This can be done similar with rows of extensions but we would need to prep these prior to your appointment if this is something you want to get done in store !

For today's makeup I wore
Mac vanilla on brow bone and tear duct
Peaches wow pigment across the whole socket
Peaches Fierce pigment on the outer corner and underneath
Oprah Lit glitter on the lower lid blended up into
Solar blast Lit glitter
With black liquid liner
Small amount of charcoal brown mac eyeshadow as a liner in corners top do bottom
I finished my eye look of by doubling up on peaches lashes in number 2 and 5
If you liked my eye makeup today you can now purchase this as a bundle online!
For my base I wore Lancôme colour ideal 04 , mac deep dark skin mineralise bronzer , mac neon orange pigment on the cheeks with a mixture of peached peaches pigment and mac vanilla pigment as my highlighter !
Then I mixed YSL touche with a Barry m coral wand on my lips :)





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