Each week I do a training session with the other Peaches for us all to  refresh our skills and to try out new ideas. Today I took them on a trip back to the 1920's to teach them how to achieve the signature skinny brows & dark smokes of this era.

I'm sure most of you saw ( & loved) The Great Gatsby last year.... well thats what I'm taking about. A time for partying and letting your hair down after the first world war. Famous film stars of the time Clara Bow, Edith Piaf & Marlene Dietrich set the trends ( the Kardashians of their time) with women wanting to mimick their thin long brows, dark pouting lips & their heavily defined eye sockets.

To create this look on Ella I did the following...

- I used a mixture of soap paste to flattened down the hairs above and below Ella's natural brow shape leaving a much slimmer , rounder brow.

- I then concealed ontop of the dried soap paste to camouflage the hairs. I then powdered the concealor to set it.

- I repeated the above conceal & powder to make sure all the unwanted brow was covered.

- I then dug out my old theatrical college eye shadow palette by Grimas. The colours are all matt so perfect for a 20's look as shimmer doesn't photograph in Black and White as well. I used Cream on the brow bone and lid, then built up dark browns and black right accross the socket and under the eye.

- I used Black Shadow to heavily line the upper and lower lashes. For the lashes I used Peaches Style No.2's with a set of No.5 on top.

- For the base I used L'oreal True Match Foundation in Porcelain powdered with Mac Prep & Prime loose powder. I then applied a tawny matt grimas blush under the cheekbones and a touch to the temples.

- For the perfect pout I covered the lips in foundation then used a berry coloured lip pencil to exaggerate the natural cupids bow of Elle's lips. I then filled the lips in with Film Noir lipstick by Mac.

-To complete the look I rolled Ella's hair up around a bun ring at the nap of her neck to create a sleek 20's style bob!

Once complete the look didn't quite look right with Ella's Peaches pinny and jeans so I sent her round to one of our favourite shops ' Boudoir Boutique'. The Girls in their are fab and the clothes are to die for... as is the interior of the boutique which made the perfect setting for our 20's style photoshoot.

Next Week we'll be covering makeup from the 1940/50's so be sure to check out the blog to see how we get on with it!

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past.

Big Peach xxx