On Monday we held a baby shower for Cath who is expecting the first Baby Peach in March. This Baby Peach also happens to be Big Mare's first grandchild and mine and Rosie's first niece / nephew so you could say we are all a tad excited to say the least! For everyone who know's Cath you'll know she's one of the quieter, calmer Peaches but we weren't gonna let the occasion pass without making a fuss and giving her the standard Peaches over the top treatment!

Mare, Ro and me started planning the shower in January.... which as you all know means I started planning the shower and dishing out orders to them. As we don't know the sex of the baby we decided on a pastel themed vintage tea party. I ordered lots of party accessories from Partydelights.co.uk including cake stands, paper plates, napkins etc.... I've since seen loads of gorgeous stuff in this style in Home & Bargain up stairs in St Johns precinct which is definately worth a look if your thinking of hosting a party in this theme.

I also discovered a really cute, quirky website called popcakes.co.uk where I ordered Cath's russian doll Cake lolly pops from . They tasted even better than they looked ! At a tea party you obviously can't have too many cakes so I also ordered little plastic kewpie dolls from Etsy to decorate Big Mare's homemade fairy cakes.

To decorate the room I ordered vintage bunting from party delights and gorgeous multi coloured pastel paper pom poms from Deco Pom Poms which I also found on Etsy ( just google Deco Pom Poms Etsy). We also made a baby shower tree ( from our recycled Christmas Branch) from which we hung pastel coloured dummies ( courtesy of Poundland) and Big Mares homemade bunting which she makes from scraps of Marebow fabric cut into triangles and glued onto ribbon.

The day started with a special treat for Cath. A Yummy mummy makeover from me followed by an amazing restyle cut and blow by our fab friend Jay Begs. Luckily I had shown Cath the room all done up prior to her makeover as it had her in tears , which in my eye's meant I'd done a good job! The Peaches started arriving from 12.30 with Nic bringing her amazing homemade Nappy Cake creation which also had Cath in tears! We kicked off the day with game of quickest nappy change. Jack & Cath the prospective parents went head to head with Jack finishing seconds ahead despite his shock horror at discovering a nappy full of nutella. We also played Guess the Baby Peach, Pin the dummy on the baby, Pass the parcel, guess the size of the bump and finished by introducing the Peaches to our family fave Rapidough!

We all had an absolute ball as you can see from the pictures. We just can't wait to meet the baby now!

Lots of Love, Big Peach xxx