Happy Valentine's Day!

We were so excited to receive a special delivery from cupid in time for the big day - four gorgeous new Lit Glitter shades to work into our romantic smoky eye looks. Whether you want to channel a bold red rose or a glass of soft pink champagne, we've got a shade to suit you for this special day. Here's how Kate has been working hers...

Love Me Tender, £8.50
This chunky baby pink sparkle is fit for a princess. Team this with a darker liner on the inner and lower lash line to ensure that you frame the eye, leaving the soft pink as an accent of colour for the lid. This works beautifully with plum tones - try swapping your inner liner for a rich purple to really see that colour pop.


True Romance, £8.50
A beautiful candy pink, this is for those 'butter wouldn't melt' romantic moments. This is a slightly finer glitter meaning that it is really easy to work into your eye make-up look without any tell tale lines. Kate has teamed hers Vanilla Pigment from MAC Cosmetics to illuminate and brighten the eyes.


Glittergasm, £8.50
Not sure whether you're opting for a pink or red outfit for the most romantic day of the year? This is the glitter for you because it teams elements of both, meaning that it will match either your red Chanel lipstick or your hot pink Dior gloss in equal measure. To get Kate's multi-tonal look to be sure to have a few clean blending brushes to hand; you're going to need them to soften any harsh lines for a flawless, airbrushed look.


Heartbreaker, £8.50
One for the golden girls, this holographic wine red will work wonders with the autumnal berry tones we all stocked up on last season. Kate has teamed hers with warm browns and burnt bronze shades to add some depth and intensity. Keep it simple and team this with a bronzed, contoured base.


Now I know that a good craftsman never blames his tools, but when it comes to great make-up application there's a loophole; it's all in the brushes. Try one of the new Lit Cosmetics Round Brushes we've just ordered in, £10, to ensure that you apply your glitter in precise motions. It will keep your look neat and tidy (and doubles up as a great eyeliner brush, too).

Most importantly we hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day. Tweet us @PeachesMakeup and tell us what you're up to for the day!

With big Valentine's kisses and hugs - Rose Peach xxx

P.S. Wondering how to get it all off? Use an oil based eye make-up remover and it will be gone before you know it. I love The Body Shop's Camomile Eye and Lip Make-up Remover. Soak a cotton pad for each eye, pat it on (don't rub) and before you know it the lot will have fallen down the sink. The best bit? A bottle is £8 but lasts an eternity - it's better than half the high end alternatives I've tried. Give it a go with your Lit Glitters and you won't look back xxx