Hi girls,

Currently we've sold out of our most popular No.2 style lashes so we just wanted to talk you through some other alternative styles to try that look great with lots of different eye makeups . To demonstrate the differences between each style, Ella and Kate have both modelled the styles with some variated eye make-up looks.

No. 1 Lash
I'm sure most of you are familiar with our best selling No.2 lashes, the Peaches classics. No.1 is a slightly shorter variation on these, offering the same natural fullness with a slightly less graduated end. Essentially the main difference is that the lashes aren't evenly distributed along the strip; there are slight areas of gathered fullness to mimic the effect of having naturally applied mascara. If you're after your first set of lashes from us, I'd recommend these as being universally flattering and easy to work with any eye make-up look. They're great for daytime looks, for first time lash wearers or for more mature customers wanting to find an appropriate lash style.




No. 3 Lash
Best for: lenth, fullness, a mod look, glitter smokes.
These lashes are really lovely for a statement look. The lash length is graduated, meaning that the inner corners are shorter (no irritating itches) and the lengths get longer, opening and brightening the eye. If you like 60's style with icons like Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick you'll love the style of the lash width; it staggers high and low lengths to give a pretty, mod look. We also love teaming these with our Lit Glitters because the gaps in the lash are ideal for letting the sparkle of our glitter eye make-up styles shine through.




No. 5 Lash
Best for: natural looking length, thickness, darkness.
If you want to really elongate the lashes, these are fairly slim in thickness but offer soft lengths for your lashes. What's great about these is that they look soft and pretty worn alone, or you can finish them with a coat of mascara to blend them into your own lashes and give a more natural finish. These are graduated, too, meaning that the lengths get longer as you go toward the outer eye. One of our darkest styles, these add a real wash of darkness to the lashes to intensify a smoky eye look or add some glamour to a day time look.





Which lash is your favourite? Tweet us @PeachesMakeup to tell us and feel free to ask me @MixedGemsBeauty if you have any more questions.

Love Rose Peach xxx