Every week at Peaches we get asked for the same things - smoky eyes and glowing skin. The eyes are simple; we live for full smokes, glitter smokes and all smokes in between. But the glowing skin? That starts with you and the effort that you put into your skincare.

Now that we're in the thick of another bitterly cold British winter, you need to look after your skin even more than usual. We're constantly flitting between the freezing cold outdoors and cosy central heating - a drying combination for your skin. Here are my to tips to ensuring that your skin remains hydrated in the winter, and consequently that you never lose your glow.

1. Water your skin like a flower!
Dehydrated skin will cause your foundation to cling, giving you an uneven finish. To give your skin a boost, the cheapest thing you can do is regularly drink water. In addition, you might want to try something like Hydraluron from Indeed Labs. This gel serum contains a pure form of hyaluronic acid, designed to hold up to 1000 times it's own weight in water, so it will hold onto the moisture in any beauty products you're using. Use twice a day and you'll notice a real difference, but my top tip is that this perks up hungover skin for those times when you need an emergency quick-fix.


2. Switch the wipes for a balm.
Face wipes might be a quick, easy way to take your make-up off, but they're doing you no favours. At all. Switch to a cleansing balm to remove any make-up and you'll be surprised at all of the product that your wipes simply weren't getting rid of. Use something like Ren No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm to melt away all traces of make-up, and when you work the rich formula into the skin really take your time to massage the face. Not only will your skin be clean but you'll increase your blood circulation, leading to a more radiant, bright complexion. Remove with a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells each day. (Top tip: do a double cleanse at night. One to remove all make-up and one to - well - cleanse!)

Ren Cleansing Balm

3. Indulge in cocktails... of the serum variety.
Newby Hands, the beauty director of Harper's Bazaar, has noted on numerous occasions that she uses a custom blend of serums each evening, depending on what her skin needs. Find a serum that suits your skin concern - for example redness, ageing or pigmentation. During winter, mix it in with a hydrating serum like Clarins HydraQuench to create a skincare cocktail that replenishes any dryness. These will penetrate deep into the skin and work from the inside out. They're far more concentrated than face creams in terms of active ingredients so they're worth investing in.


4. It might BB wise to CC what all of the fuss is about.
BB Creams, CC Creams... heard of them? As Lisa Eldridge puts it, they're 'tinted moisturiser with bells on'. Now don't forget that I used to have a column in Peaches on a Saturday, so I know how lots of you ladies prefer a fuller coverage, but I'm telling you that you can still achieve it with the right formula. Switch to a BB (Beauty Balm) or CC (Colour Corrector) and you're using a base that has added skincare properties (and normally an SPF) all in one. For a light/medium coverage, try Garnier Oil Free BB Cream. Need a fuller coverage? Go for Dior HydraLife BB Cream - my all time favourite - but set it with a face powder. And CC Cream? Try the new Bourjois CC Cream, it dries to a matte finish and feels like a light foundation, helping to even out the skin tone.

Dior BB Crea

Great make-up starts with great skin, so take good care of yours.

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