Hey girls, it's Nic. Hope you're good and excited for the summer like me.

As you all know, Bec and I have been focusing on producing all of the amazing hair pictures that get uploaded daily to our Instagram account @PeachesMakeup. As gutted as I am that I don't personally offer make-up appointments any more, I'm feeling blessed that at Peaches we have such a strong make-up team that are doing a fabulous job while I'm focusing on hair.

Over the last few months I've been working hard on sourcing the best variety of synthetic hair pieces available on the market. Now, you can buy a variety of pieces from us to suit all of your hair needs and I've written this blog as a guide to help you choose the best one.


When sourcing all of the pieces I've considered lots of things: quality of the hair, a variety of budgets and of course everyone's shade. I'm confident that I've found the perfect weave for everyone - even you red heads who so often tell me you struggle to find your perfect match! We've got lots in store already but please note that our full range won't be available until April.

All the the products currently available are listed below...


BUDGET RANGE: Budget Pony £16.50 and Budget Weave £30.00 
Despite the cost effective nature of these pieces, they're actually our most popular and they look great.  They feature in most of our up & down hair creations you will of seen pictures of. Bec and I will always try to add a note in the photo caption of the exact piece used in our photos, but if you want to know about a specific image feel free to tweet me @LilPeachyNic with a link to the image. The main difference between these and our more expensive range is that you can't use heat on them, but this isn't a problem because they come styled already.

The Budget Range features a number of styles and shades. The shades as seen in the photos below are as follows: Bleach Blonde, Swedish Blonde (bleach with fine lowlight), Golden Blonde (light), Honey Blonde (warm light copper tone with golden and bleach highlight), Dark Mousey Blonde, Caramel Brown (light), Chestnut Brown (auburn tone), Honey Brown (with copper), Midnight Dark Chocolate, Expresso Brown (darkest brown), Black, Plum (tone over a dark base).

Wavy Pony or Messy Wanded Weave

Wanded Weave

Curly Pony or Bouncy Blow Weave 

Curly Pony


Flicky Pony or Natural Flicky Weave

Long Flicky Pony

Flicky Weave

Short Flicky Weave (limited shades available)

Short Flicky Weave

VIP RANGE: VIP Pony £32.00 and VIP Weave £45.00
These pieces are the closest thing you can get to looking and feeling like the real thing. The beautifully blended colours are stunning; each has a slightly multi-tonal look to give the illusion of being your real hair. These can be washed and you can apply heat to them (not to exceed 150 degrees), but we'd actually recommend that you don't touch them. This will give you the best results, lead to a longer wear and frankly the natural curl is fantastic on them anyway!

The VIP Range features fewer styles but offers more luxury... The shades available are Bleach Blonde, Ash Blonde, Mousey Mix, Caramel Highlight, Chocolate Highlight, Expresso, Brown Plum (note: not as bright as the plum in our Budget Range), Black.

VIP Pony

VIP Flicky Pony

VIP Pony 18 Inch


VIP Weave 21 inch 

VIP Weave 21 Inch


Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting separate blogs online to really show you the detail when it comes to these weave shades. I've also created some video tutorials to show you how to apply them too, but more on those very soon...

If you have any more questions at all, please feel free to send me a message on Twitter @lilpeachynic and I'll help you to find what you're looking for. Please note that for a perfect match, popping into the shop is your best option.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps - let me know what you think using @PeachesMakeup and @LilPeachyNic on Twitter! Love Nic xxx