Hi Girls!

Due to the fact that everyone is loving Weave World at Peaches, I’ve made a few quick videos to show you how easy it is to apply our weaves.

If you’re not a hairdresser, it can be daunting to attempt something new with your hair. With this in mind, we’ve decided to go back to basics and give you beginners tips for each piece.

I know lots of you love our big, elaborate hair ups, and don’t worry – we’ll be showing you how to do those very soon! For now, these are simple step-by-step guides to getting your weave to feel secure, blend into your natural hair and look fabulous in a flash.

Raise your hand if you’re new to "Weave World" and haven’t got a clue what we are talking about? Well, a weave is Peaches’ newest product and we’re so excited about it. You can buy online or pop in-store for a free colour match when you purchase. They’ve proven to be one of our most popular products ever – women of all ages are loving them because they’re suitable for everyone and give luscious, healthy locks in seconds.

Never tried a weave before? You’re going to love them! We’ve had such varied feedback from our clients on how they use them. Some of you use them at home, some have taken them on holiday for fuss-free great hair, and some of you have even told us that you take them to work on a Friday ready to clip in and head straight to the bar! If simplicity is your thing, they’re even great to add some extra volume and depth to your natural hair.

Lots of our regular clients maintain alternative hair extensions and pay thousands on the upkeep. So girls, what’s the harm in trying our range? It will cost you a fraction of what you’re used to paying and you’ll be able to maintain it quickly and easily yourself. Not to mention you’ll be saving your hair lots of long-term damage. Pop in and see us – you can have a look or have a colour match before you commit to buy.

All in all we Peaches are just loving working with them to create the amazing hairstyles you see uploaded regularly. They’re our Instagram pictures in a box! If you have any questions regarding the weaves or would like advice on what shade we would suggest, please feel free to email me at colourmatch@fabulousmakeup.co.uk. We want you to be completely happy with your colour and not to mention we love hearing from you.

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Welcome to Weave World and take home our Instagram pictures in a box!

Love Nic xxx