Thank you for your interest in this job opportunity, we can't wait to meet the new Peach! :)

We are offering you an opportunity to become a valued member of staff at Peaches and Cream Dale Street Liverpool. The job will be 16 hours (9-6) Fri /Sat a week to begin with on a 3 month trial (Overtime may be offered ), with a possible full time job in the future. Pay will be spoken about in person further along the interview process.

Your role will be to match hair pieces, serve clients, help reception, apply hair pieces (training given) assist the hair artist, run errands and cleaning duties!

No qualifications are needed to apply for the job but it's really important to answer the following questions as honest and fully as possible in order to receive a further interview!

If you think this is something that you would like to apply for simply answer these questions below and follow the instructions on how to send it back.





Contact telephone number

Email address

How would you travel to work?

Who do you live with?

Twitter name?

Instagram name?

Facebook name?

Do you know any of the members of staff?

Have you ever been peached yourself?

Do you have any other jobs?

Are you currently in any education?

Is there any other time you wouldn't be available to work if overtime / training sessions were to be planned for you?

Do you Trade as another name?

Marital status single/dating/married?

Would you be available to attend training sessions?

Do you have any illness / regular sickness patterns that we would need to be informed about?

Do you wear glasses/contacts?

What would be the ideal amount of hours you would like to work?

Do you have any holidays planned?

Would you be available every Saturday?

How did you hear of Peaches and Cream?

How would you describe the shop?

Can you tell us why you think you should get the job over somebody else?

Do you have any long term goals?

What's your dream job?

What hair styles are you liking yourself at the moment?

What fashion trends would you say are a massive hit right now?

Who is your fave celeb /idol?

Can you describe yourself in this space?



Is there anything else you feel you can bring NEW to the role?

Have you ever tried hair ups before?

Can you send in any pictures of any hair ups you have done, the more the merrier?!

Would you be interested in being fully trained as a hair artist in the shop?

The easiest way to apply will be to copy and paste the questions into a word document, fill in the answers then print! :)

Send your application by post ONLY to ...

F.A.O Nicola & Bec

Hair world @

Peaches and Cream

8b Dale Street


L2 4TQ

Feel free to decorate your application form to show a true reflection of yourself! At Peaches we pride ourselves with our creative minds and great personalities so if we can see that in your application form that will be a great help! If you can put a pic of yourself in also so we can put a face to your application labelled "me" that would be fab!

Please note that this is quite a long process so please be patient once you have sent us your application form and that you will be notified by email to either come in for an interview or that unfortunately you may not get the job!


If this is the case please do not be disheartened as we are sure there will be many more opportunities in the future for you.


Thanks so much and I'm really excited to read your application!!!

Love Nic (Baby Peach) who will be looking after you