Races at Peaches is over for another year! Races week is one of the busiest craziest hardest weeks here at Peaches with normally 6am starts! We're normally zombies by the Saturday morning but this year it was 7am start and we were all surprisingly fresh for the entire weekend which certainly made us enjoy peaching everyone ten times more than we already did!

The atmosphere in the shop is brilliant when races time is here all the gorgeous clients getting peached , coming in their outfits , races bets going off between us lot in the shop, banter going off who's going to win what! Normally when we write about the races there's always a little drama or story to tell (like the year that Big Mare was being too nuts and knocked over all of Kate's makeup!),  but this year we were extra organised and everything went to plan! It all went smoothly. Big Mare and P Didd (Kate's mum and dad) did there yearly visit to the shop mare got peached and off they went to the races! Over all  races week was a hit !(as always) ;)