OMG for once I'm actually speechless! This morning the Peaches pulled it out the bag excelling themselves in effort and creativity with a surprise bake off for my birthday ( which is actually Saturday but I'm going glamping with Droops ( my fella). I walked through the door to raucious screams, happy birthday playing on sonos and them all shouting for me to get upstairs... QUICK! My jaw dropped on reaching the top step to see plate after plate of amazing birthday cakes! All in my honor! First I had to guess who'd baked what.... well there's only one peach who would put a bottle of perfume in a cake, cover it in shimmer and fnish it off with gold nail varnish. So I guessed Nic's Chanel bottle first! Rosie made strawberry cupcakes decorated with 3 of my fave things... Droops. Joyrich & Vivienne Westwood! My fellow fashionista Elle made Chocolate & Vanilla Chanello Cupcakes! Bec's Pic n Mix fairy cakes definitely had the best crumb, rise & overall sponge! My first choice with my morning cuppa! Lau proved herself not to be just a gorgeous set of bum cheeks.... the real surprise of the comp with her personalised Kate Cornflake Cake! Little Katie made a rainbow cake.... Apparently it did say Beave before it got on the train this morning! Awww its the thought that counts but yet again she lives up to her rep of providing us all with a laugh! Tanya showcased her technical skills with Meadham cup cakes... all perfectly identical with a chocolate sauce core centre! And last but not least Kre Kre stole the Master Baker Title with her Peanut Butter Delight! Definitely the tastiest.... proof being that only a slice  of it now remains!

It's now 4pm and we are all literally caked out wondering where our Easter Tapas is gonna fit tonight!

Thanks to all my Peaches who have made my 31st defo one to remember!

Hope you all have a fab Easter!

Love & Cakes

Big Peach xxx