Today I had an absolute scream with Jenny & Michael from Dublin! Both self confessed peaches fans, Jenny's fella suprised her with a Peaches appointment for her birthday. She brought along her cousin Michael who wanted to learn a drag look for his alter ego Teana Biscuit.

So everyone know's this kinda thing is right up my street.... and Michael was a natural, it's like he was destined for drag! A literal " Queen of Blending". It was a pleasure to teach someone so talented and help him create a new look for himself!

The finished look incorporated lots of lit glitter... Magic Dragon on the brows, Marilyn Monroe on the lid and a perfect pout of Glittergasm!

After fun & frolics from the Irish duo we sent them in the direction of The Slug and Lettuce for 2 for 1 cocktails with Michael hiding behind Jenny's Dior shades looking the double of Chris Jenner!

We offer makeup lessons for any look you fancy learning, so call the salon tomorrow on 01512271669 to book. A one hour session with one of our makeup artists costs £25.

Big Peach xxx