It's been a while since my last creative blog.... you may remember I went through a stage of creating animal makeovers?! Well I promised Katie that I would one day turn her into an elephant! No- not as a joke, she actually really loves them. Last year she spent a week of her summer shovelling elephant dung in an elephant orphanage in Thailand!

Obviously elephants are grey & wrinkley- nothing to get my artistic teeth into. But Ganesh - now he's my kinda elephant. Ganesh is the Hindu God with an Elephants head, he is the Lord of beginnings and the remover of obstacles. The image of Ganesh is spectacular, something that I couldn't wait to recreate.

I made the accessories for todays blog weeks ago but Katie's been jam packed with lessons so today was the first chance we got to play! I used an elasticated elephant trunk that you can buy from Smiffys, sprayed it pink and used face paint to camouflage the joins on Katie's face. For the Ears I used thin pink foam from Rennies again painted with facepaint. I did have some polystyrene tusks ready but caught up in the moment we completely forgot about them! It was a joint Peaches effort with Elle & Bec painting her limbs pink, Kre arranging the pillows & flowers, Rowie taking the pics and photoshopping the four arms on the final image.... and Lau tidying up after us all while serving customers and answering the phone ( she really is superwoman)! Oh and Katie was very well behaved, didn't twitch (not much) and made the most elegant elephant!

I have plenty more creative ideas up my sleeve to share with you all... I promise to make sure I find the time.

Hope you enjoyed,

Big Peach x

"So today has been one of my top five best days at peached as some of you may know I have a rather large love and obsession with elephants ! Last year I went and worked in an elephant orphanage in Thailand which made me more of a geek to elephants ! So a fair few moths ago Kate texts me and sends me all pictures of Ganesh the Hindu god! And says she's making me into this well I nearly wet myself when I found out so for weeks and weeks it was planned but for many reasons such as the races the shop being too busy it kept getting put off well it was well worth the wait I can tell you that! Kate had hand made a head piece weeks ago which is one of the one amazing things I've ever since made from paper party plates ( from Caths baby shower haha) and all random necklaces and beads! So from the head piece to the prosthetic trunk to getting painted pink I was finally a fully pink Hindu elephant in the shop today! Kate hand painted me her self then help from all the girls in the shop to set the background and paint my legs ready for the shoot to go down ! Once all photographs had been taken it was in the Rowie's hands to re create and edit the picture by photoshopping my arms so I really was Ganesh !!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as me and Kate."- Katie
The Peaches xxxxxx