Hiiii guys Bec here!

I want to tell you abit about our amazing new range of gorgeous flicky weaves! There are 13 fab new shades to choose from! We have 7 shades of blonde where as normally we only offered 3 shades! They range from: Swedish blonde being the blondest blonde, golden blonde having a very fine mix of blonde and dull blonde running though it, honey blonde dip dye has a very fine mix of 3 blondes dull blonde golden blonde and bleach blonde with the ends being a bright bleach blonde, natural blonde is similar to golden blonde but less yellow tones, ash blonde is a very ashy colour with a mix of low lights running through it, light mousey is the darkest of the blondes it's more of of Virgin blonde hair colour, strawberry blonde is similar to light mousey but more of a ginger blonde! Being blonde myself I know it's hard to find your perfect match but with these 7 shades I can match to 3, natural blonde, honey blonde dip dye and light mousey, as I have a dark base but light ends. So it just depends what look you prefer!! Next stop - calling all the gingers!!!! At last we have 3 colours for you to choose from! Ginger which is a bright ginger tone matching more the natural ginger girls, then we have natural ginger which is a mix of dull ginger and bright ginger tones matching still natural ginger girls and dyed ginger and auburn is a dark red ginger. Then on to the browns we have a chocolate brown which is perfect for natural brown hair, dark chocolate and expresso brown is the deepest dark chocolate we have! We have found that this colour is perfect for Asian girls also! They are made out of synthetic hair so you can't apply any heat and you don't need to wash them just simply brush them through to get rid of any knots after wearing them! Depending on how you look after them will determine how many wears you will get out of it. Things that can damage your weave can be jewellery, sequin clothing, not brushing it, perfume, heat, sleeping in it and also make sure you either place it back in your peaches weave box or hang it up! The price of our amazing new flicky weaves are £30 and there is also a wholesale weave bundle available for anybody interested in this we offer 10 weaves with a 10% discount. If you would like to have a free colour match just pop down to the shop and myself or casey will match you to your perfect colour or if you can email a picture of your hair to colourmatch@fabulousmakeup.co.uk and we will try our best to match your colour :)

To buy your shade visit shop.fabulousmakeup.co.uk


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