First opening:  remove from packaging and softly brush through the hair piece this will make the strands of hair look a lot softer and natural!
If the style is a curled one they will need to be restyled using your fingers don't be scared to brush through the weave the natural curl will be able to be recreated!

While wearing your hair : please bear in mind the strands are made of synthetic fibre , the more friction caused against any other material will reduce the longevity of your piece ! any products applied to either the piece or skin were the weave sits may also effect it's longevity !
Here is a list of things we recommend to avoid to get the most out of your piece:
-sequin or embellished clothing
- zip or button backed tops
- jewellery clasps at the back of the neck
-anything sticky hair gels / moisturisers / tans / alcohol
-purfume may also dry out the ends of your weave
-it's also advisable to take small handbag size brush out (especially for the longer weaves) to brush through so they are perfectly styled all night, these can purchased online

Once your home : take out your hair piece carefully and brush through starting from the bottom working your way right up to the roots making sure all tats are brushed right through, then fold up and place back in the box ready for next use
As explained above about the friction of your hairpiece rubbing these are not advisable to sleep in !

Can I WASH my hair piece ?
At peaches we do not recommend to wash your piece
It has been known by clients that they have done so and its worked well .
So feel free to experiment at home but it would be done so at your own risk! Clients have been known to use fabric conditioner to soften the strands of synthetic!
If you are trying it though we would say not to wet the netting of the weave and always brush downwards with lots of conditioner !

Can I put HEAT on my hair piece ?
The only piece we sell to date that you can't use heat on is our Flicky weave in the sale for £12.50
Only certain pieces can have heat applied but please be aware it's a completely different technique to curling your own hair so please follow the instructions well
Firstly you can only use a heated appliance that the temperature can but adjusted on ! (if you have normal GHD straighteners that doesn't have a temperature dial these are no good ! )
-Temperature must be below 160 degrees!
-Run or wrap the heated appliance over the hair to create the curl.
-use a clip to pin curl the hair up
Leave this pinned until the hair is cooled down.
-Take the pin curl out and hair will be left in desired hair

Can I DYE my hair piece ?
You cannot use any hairdressing hair colours on your pieces as they are not real strands of hair, the colour will not stick or be absorbed!
There has been cases of clients using artist paints and surgical spirits to dye there pieces brights colours for fancy dress or wacky hair colours but things like bleach etc won't work! Any hair colours experimented with will be done so at your own risk!

Can I Brush my hair piece ?
Massive yes! when the weave first comes out the box it may look like the strands look greasy or extra shiny , but give it a brush through and watch how the hair will blossom and look a lot more full and fluffy to create a more natural looking hair !
As you have the weave more it will need brushing more and please make sure to fully remove any tats as one Lille one can cause a ripple effect to your weave were the strands will latch on and create a bigger tat ! This will not stop unless you carefully fully brush out the tat!

Can I CUT my weave ?
Yes this is something we love doing ! Either to create a shorter / softer look or take away some of the curls! To do this take small sections cut upwards in desired length so the strands feather then finger curl each section  ! If this is something you are not confident in doing your self then we advise you take them to your local hair dresser !

Can I Return my hair piece ?
Due to hygiene reasons the hair pieces are non refundable / exchangeable so it's really import choosing your right colour! we have a fabulous email system set up to help you  Were you can send an image of your hair shade full length root to ends  (preferably in day and night light ) along with the product you are interested in to our trained hair artists will give you the best advise on what shade to choose !
For a more personal match you can pop into the store anytime were we have staff on hand all week to be able to help you choose your perfect shade ! We would advise if you are unsure to make the trip to the shop to be matched, Most clients make the trip to the store, right down all possible products that could match then order from home when needing to reorder !
When emailing for your colour match it's advisable to let us know what style eg curly or Flicky and product you are interested in eg weave (to wear hair down )or pony (to wear up)
But please be aware that particular hair shades may only have one product available !