Last night I held a casualty themed makeup competition for all the staff.... Nic being Nic went off theme and recreated Mystique from X men but I expected nothing less!

As prizes were involved they all really stepped it up a gear! Apart from Tanya who crumbled under the pressure of working with Derma Wax for the first time. For those of you not in the know its a really sticky wax used to make fake skin. For those of you in the know you'll remember feeling the same when you first tried out the product back in college!

Casey & Laura mixed up the theme incorporating terminator and reptile effects into their designs. I applied a homemade prosthetic brain to my fella (that I had pre made by covering a brain jelly mould in latex) . We initially decorated it with fake fishing maggots but in this case we decided less was more and took them off ( not like me I know!)

Ella was the little star of the night. Having no previous experience or training in sfx makeup other than a in-house training sesh with me the other day, she fearlessly tackled 2 halloween classics ' The Chelsea Smile' and ' The Pencil through the nose'. Cool, Calm & Confident she never fails to impress me ( and everyone else) with her perfectly executed techniques.  She was narrowly beaten to a prize by the 3 winners but I'm sure she preferred getting nearly 5000 likes on instagram for her finished look!

Mine & Nic's 3 chosen winners were Rosie, Katie & Kre. Rosie manages our online shop and has NO makeup training. I challenged her with a quirky alien style look that on completion we christened ' The Piranha' . Katie put lots of effort in prior to the comp creating her gory flesh masquerade mask. Her finished look would be a great idea for a Gatsby style halloween look.

The undisputed winner of the comp had to go to Kre. Other than what I've taught her and what she's seen on you tube she has no formal sfx training. She accepted the massive challenge I gave her to recreate another Halloween cult figure 'Harvey Dent' from batman..... and she smashed it! I'm so proud of her. It's so rewarding for me to see the girls learning new skills and producing such amazing work!

The added bonus of last night is that all of the girls creations saw our Instagram followers climb past the 100K figure. This is such a massive achievement for us all and we'd like to thank all of our followers for supporting us and helping us to do this!

Hope you all enjoy the pics and have a great weekend! Theres still 15 days to go till Peaches & Scream and there's plenty more creative fuel in the tank!

Big Peach xxx